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Fabric Gift Tags

Feel free to share these items with family and friends. Follow the directions on how to download this information to your disk. If you wish to use the pattern for other personal use, please see our Usage Notes page.

Basic Construction

  1. Choose any fabric that is appropriate for the occasion.
  2. Choose any paper that you like.
  3. Obtain some fusible web, something similar to Wonder Underâ or other fusible material that is sticky on both sides.
  4. Bring out some pens, pencils, paint or other drawing implements.


  1. Iron fusing material onto paper.
  2. Peel off backing material.
  3. Iron fabric to the paper/fusing material combination.
  4. Cut to shape.
  5. Optional - Use hole punch to make hole for ribbon.

Some ideas

  1. Use pinking shears or novelty cutting wheel in rotary cutter to create fancy edges.
  2. Pre-print the paper with a greeting or "to" and "from" or use clip art or a graphics program to embellish the paper with a design, a border, a quilt block, etc.
  3. Find cheater fabric with a mini quilt block for the fabric side.
  4. If you have made a fabric gift bag (Annie's Gift Bag), make the gift tag from matching fabric
  5. If the gift is a quilt that you made, use some of the leftover fabric from the quilt.
  6. Use your imagination and be creative.