Jeanne’s Bags

I’m Jeanne Nivard of Jeanne’s Bags and have been a quilter for 20 years.  After making quilts for my HUGE extended family, I needed to come up with new gift ideas.  Quilted purses were getting very popular so I tried my hand designing my own bags.  My family and friends loved them!  I am in love with fabric and still enjoy making my free-motion quilted purses.  The finished products are available online on my Etsy and Amazon-Handmade shops  A few local shops carry my purses and I still enjoy participating in local craft shows around the Holidays.

Purses are a very individual thing. We all love certain colors or design. That’s why patterns are so handy. I started putting some of my designs to pattern a few years ago. You can choose the fabric you like in the purse style you like. The same style purse can have such a change in mood just by changing the fabric. Best of all, no one else will have your exact purse since you pick out your fabric design. I see purses not only as a functional thing, but as a piece of art – functional art! See Jeanne’s Bags patterns here.


JULIA – Cross-body satchel. Zips closed, front zip pocket. Pockets inside.

VERONICA – Shoulder bag with pockets inside and outside. Grommets hold the handles.

DIANA – Small shoulder bag that closes with a magnetic snap on the diagonal flap. Pockets inside.


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Introducing BuzzSaw Shaw Woodworking

Owned and operated by Kenneth J Shaw of Holley, NY specializing in unique wood items. You may be familiar with his picnic table that becomes a bench, if not check it out online here.


Kenneth also creates truly beautiful cutting boards, planters, and wine serving racks in addition to furniture! With years of experience, it’s safe to say Kenneth has really perfected his craft!



If you missed him at Holley June Fest on 6/2/18 you can check out more of his work online at or on Instagram at #Buzzsawshaw. You can also email him at or call (585)451-4845 with questions, comments, or to place an order.

All of his products are sure to be loved and will last for a very long time! They make fabulous gifts!

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JC Tees

Introducing…     Chris and Julie Brooks of Holley, NY have some great ideas for you! A family owned and operated business specializing in creating custom screen printed apparel, etched glassware, and personalized gifts.

They have you covered!

Do you own a business? They’ll use your logo to create promotional items! Do you have parents to celebrate on Mother’s and Father’s days, or birthdays? They’ll personalize a gift Mom and Dad are sure to love! Got kids involved in sports teams? They also do team uniforms, as well as fan gear for supporters in the stands! Got weddings to attend? Their etched glassware is an elegant gift for newlyweds! Holidays, reunions, backyard get togethers… you name the event, they’ve got you covered!

If you didn’t catch them at Holley’s June Fest on 6/2/18 you can check them out on Facebook at to view more pics. You can also email them with your questions or for more info at or just give them a call at (585)208-1429!





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The Quilters Calendar

Go From Local Teacher to National Teacher in Three Easy Steps!

With shrinking guild memberships (and budgets), the expense of hiring a big name national teachers, along with airfare, baggage fees and hotels, is something guilds are cutting back on. They are looking for local and up-and-coming teachers, and they are seeking ways of sharing expenses with other guilds – cooperating together to bring a teacher to both guilds.

So, you’ve designed some patterns, maybe even had a book published. You’ve taught at your Local Quilt Shops, done a few classes for local guilds, created your Teaching Brochure. You might have a website (or not) but you’re not getting attention from guilds across the nation. You want to expand your range of teaching gigs and you’re stuck… . How do you get the guilds’ attention to get those gigs?

There is an easy way and guess what—it’s free. Big name teachers are using it and so are up-and-coming teachers. Hundreds of guild members use this site to search through the profiles of over 150 teachers. They are able to search by state and by the teacher’s specialty. They can read the teacher’s profile–right on the site–and contact the teacher on the same page. Best of all, it works! Guilds send inquiries daily to teachers, and teachers like Maggie Ball, Cheryl Sleboda, Ann Shaw, and many, many more, have been contacted and booked to teach.

It’s not just Teacher profiles that guilds are looking at, either. There’s an online calendar with teaching engagements across the country, for 2018, 2019, 2020. Guilds can look at their state (or a nearby state) for any month to see who’s already booked to teach near them. They “piggy back” that booking, which saves money for both guilds (they split the travel expenses) and it gives the teacher double the earning power for one trip. It’s truly a win-win.


Are you excited? Want to be listed there? Submit your profile, sign up for the newsletter (to be informed when new features are added), and input any guild teaching engagements you have coming up so that other guilds can piggy-back that booking. It’s that easy! This is the number one way to have guilds find you.

Consider upgrading to a Premium Profile—it will show a photo of your best quilt; include your downloable brochure for the guild to click on; and other upgrades that make YOU stand out. Head on over to The Quilters’ Calendar today to get your profile in front of the guilds who are searching for teachers nationwide!

Bio/Credit – Marguerita McManus is co-author of the best selling book Crazy Shortcut Quilts. She teaches nationally and presents video marketing and self publishing seminars at crafting trade shows. She lives in Alaska in the summer and her RV, roaming the states, in the winters. Contact her at

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Introducing Wine Bottle Wind Chimes and Lamps

Tracee and Bill David of Kendall, NY are the artists behind these beautiful treasures. Each piece is original and hand crafted with care. They keep many different designs and styles available in stock, samples shown below, but they also accept special custom orders.

Great gift for you or someone you love!

These items make great gifts, but hey make even better additions to your own home – have them customize something to match your décor! They’ll incorporate your favorite flower, animal, sports team, food/beverage, a monument, a person, or even a brand! They use liquor bottles also, and occasionally they do something different, like “flat work” on an old hand saw – what have you got laying around that they could turn into a work of art? The possibilities are truly endless!

If you missed them at Holley June Fest on 6/2/18 you can check them out on Facebook at or contact them via email or phone (585)331-2232 with questions, comments, or inquiries.





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Sweet Treats

Spotlight on local business, featuring  

Located in Brockport, NY, Liz Hamilton has channeled her passions into her licensed in-home bakery. A love that started in childhood led her to The Culinary Institute of America after high school, where she studied Baking and Pastry Arts. She continued to bake for friends and family while working in a restaurant kitchen and Wegmans Patisserie in three different states!

Liz took a little time off to start a family, but decided she wasn’t done baking – she even named her business in tribute to her daughter, Mackenzie (Kennie), who shares a love of sweets and baking.

Although KennieCakes & Confections is a “custom order” in-home bakery, meaning she is not a “walk-in” retail establishment, she offers lots of delicious goodies to choose from, none of which sit on shelves because it’s all baked fresh to order! Whether you want cookies, cupcakes or specialty cakes for birthdays, showers or weddings, she can do it! She’ll even provide Decorate-Your-Own Cake & Cookie Kits so you can invite friends and family to join in the fun.


Artfully crafted, each piece is beautiful…and did we mention delicious?! Check them out online at to place an order, and show your support for local business – two reasons to feel oh, so good!


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New designer Sheri Rector

Introducing one of our new designers, Sheri Rector, of Rainbow Moon Treasures

Sheri has designed an extensive line of patterns, all with a unique style and flare. She has been quilting since she was a teen, despite being disabled since age 17 in a high dive accident resulting in mild traumatic brain injury, fibromyalgia, back pain, etc. However, over the years her brain rewired itself to compensate for the damage. She now creates artwork in various forms with ease and finds complex geometric figures easier to remember than a paragraph telling a story!

Designing Patterns

Now in her 40’s, Sheri has finally found something she loves and is good at – creating designs and patterns. All of her patterns include many size variations from very small through King sized, with easy to follow instructions and easy to sew patterns, using single size squares only and no curves or diagonals. With so much versatility and variety to choose from, you’re sure to find something of hers you like.


Visit us at to browse the full collection of Rainbow Moon Treasures patterns.


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Have you found a Quilted Heart yet?

No matter the answer, you should keep on the lookout. Why? Because it’s the newest way to brighten someone’s day.

You may be more familiar with the painted rock project, the concept is similar. Both involve stashing a little trinket, whether it is a painted rock or a quilted heart. The rocks are designed to be photographed and hidden in a new location for someone else to find. The hearts are meant to be kept and cherished.

Each heart has a tag on it reading, “I need a home.” And each one was hand crafted by someone in order to bless others with a simple act of kindness.


Sewing and Sowing

Participation is encouraged, whether through making hearts and hiding them, or by posting images of found hearts. Check out to learn more, including the origin of the project as well as photographs of hearts that have been reported.

Happy Hearting!

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New designer Heather Kidd

Introducing a new designer, please welcome Heather Kidd of Stringtown Lane Quilts.

She is a mother of 3 boys, expecting her 4th child in June. Congrats to her! She lives with her family in a small town in Idaho. They enjoy the outdoors and doing things together as a family.

Heather’s mother, who is a great long arm quilter, taught her daughter to sew and now quilts all of Heather’s projects! Heather loves everything sewing and quilting. Her sister, cousins, aunts and a grandma all sew too. No doubt they all believe as Heather does; you can never have too much fabric! Heather says she has really enjoyed building her stash.

New Patterns:

Heather has provided us with more than a dozen of her designs, including several door/wall hangings and an adorable baby/toddler quilt. Her favorite technique is appliqué, which is why she started designing patterns that went with every month.


We are very happy to include Heather in our quilting community – we have lots more love and inspiration to share, and we’re confident she will be a great addition to our flock!



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2 Portofino Quilts for You

Bring the beauty of Ro Gregg’s Portofino into your home!

We have two color-packed quilt patterns for you:

 1. Portofino designed by Barb Sackel

Highlight Portofino’s a large piece of the gorgeous scenic focal print with pieced borders and sailboats. Quilt measures 38″ x 43″.

Pattern available through

2. Harbor View designed by Barb Sackel
Portofino prints go modern with strips and squares. Frame different sized pieces of the scenic print in dramatic black and add interest with pops of colorful coordinates.
Quilt measures 52″ x 68″.

Pattern available through

See Portofino fabric close-ups and read an interview with fabric designer Ro Gregg here.
See the entire Portofino collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.
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