Make It Your Way

Introducing a new pattern series by Nancy Dill, Owner of Use these patterns for Hand Embroidery, Punch Needle Embroidery, Rug Punching or Hooking, Applique, or any other craft you can adapt them to.

The first patterns in the series will be 4 different succulents. We are launching the first one in the series this week called Desert Cactus.

Hand Embroidery

Here is my hand embroidery version on a kitchen towel.

Hand Embroidery

Punch Needle

This version shows it done in punch needle embroidery framed in a 6” hoop.

Punch Needle Embroidery

You can buy all you need for Hand and Punch Needle Embroidery at


Then I blew it up to 9” so you can use it for applique in a quilt block wall hanging, for framing in a 10” hoop, or making a pillow or in a quilt with the rest of the succulent series.

I had fun using a stripe there!


Free Pattern Until 7/8/2020 @ Midnight!

And for my loyal customers just for reading this blog post, for one week only, I am giving away the downloadable epattern version of this pattern for FREE!!  Offer ends 7/8/20 at midnight. Put the item in your cart just like you were making a purchase and it will charge you nothing at checkout. You will then receive an order confirmation email containing the link to the pattern right away. REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER IF YOU DON’T SEE IT.

Click here to get your copy –


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Three Different Ways to Make Rugs

You probably remember the first kind, they were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s.

Latch Hook Rugs

The hook had a little door on it and you worked with a 3” piece of yarn. You started at the bottom and row by row worked your way up to the top. The canvas was preprinted and you just followed the colors.

Well we are now hooking rugs, much like one hundred years ago, using everything we can find. It is a way of going green. The thrift stores have a bounty of treasures and rug hookers are on the hunt. now offers patterns for the two popular rug making techniques, Rug Hooking and Rug Punching (also called Oxford punch which is a popular brand name). Patterns, yarns, backings and much more stocked to give you hours of enjoyment in your journey of rug making.

Traditional Rug Hooking Using Mixed Media

There are rugs that were made for the floor and lasting through decades of use. Many people still make utility rugs today. The use of wool is warranted for the rugs to warm the floor.

But wall decorations are another whole matter. Anything goes with the decorative rugs. Along with wool strips, there are handspun yarns, rovings, dyed yarns, decorative yarns, sari silk, jersey, velvet and ribbons. The list is only limited by your imagination.

First a little bit about Hooking Rugs. There are a couple of things you need. 

Backing: Burlap, Linen or Monks Cloth


Hoop or Frame to hold your background tight.

Cloth strips, Yarn or whatever you want to hook with.

Hooks come in all styles and sizes. The size refers to the hook at the end. It is shaped like a crochet hook (you can use one of these in a pinch) except the tip is a little more pointed.As true with any tool, buy the best you can afford. The hook on the left is a beginner hook and can have some roughness to the end. The middle hook is a pencil hook and you hold it like a pencil. They go for around $40. The hook on the right is an Ergonomic hook and you can see the shaft goes from small to large to make the opening in the background to pull larger pieces through. It is a Hartman hook (now called an Irish Hook) and they generally run about $50. The size 5mm is for doing larger hooking, such as homespuns and thick yarn, however, the smaller hook works just fine for these also.

How To Rug Hook

What does hooking look like? There are many videos on the web that teach the art of hooking but in general you are inserting your hook into the background and catching the fabric strip or yarn underneath (your opposite hand will feed the hook) and bringing up a loop. That’s it. The beginning and end of the strip is always brought to the top and snipped off.

What do the textures look like in a rug? They make an amazing visual. Instead of your rug being flat and one dimensional, it is now full of texture and excitement.

Can you find all the textures? Roving in the center, colorful ribbon, linen, sari silk, wool strips (worms) and plenty of yarn. will be carrying mixed media rugs for your enjoyment, however to get you started we have made some beginner rugs using just Barb’s Hand Dyed Chunky Yarn. Kits are available. All Patterns are 7” x 8”.

Watch for a upcoming blog posts featuring Rug Punching with Oxford punches.

Browse the selection of patterns, yarns, and supplies at

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Get a Grip(py)!!!

Are your rulers and templates slipping away from you? Or are you tired of walking your hand up your ruler as you cut. Well no longer! Now there is Grippy!

Grippy is made by Odif, the same company that makes the 505 Basting Spray (I love that stuff)!

So, What is Grippy?

Grippy is a non-permanent, non-slip adhesive aerosol that is a little miracle in a can. You can use Grippy on glass, paper, plastic, rulers, wood, and carpet to create a non-slip surface. Things stay in place while still being repositionable.

H0w to use:

Here is how to use Grippy. In a well ventilated area put your ruler (or template, or piece of glass, or rug, or whatever you are wanting to make non-slip) top down on a white sheet of paper to protect the surface you are spraying on. Shake the can well. Spray a thin layer from 8 inches away. You might want to step away until the cloud settles a bit…and because it has a pretty strong odor. In just a couple of minutes the adhesive will be dry, translucent, and ready to use. And don’t worry…you can apply Grippy Non-slip Adhesive Aerosol multiple times to things without staining.. it is acid-free.

The first thing I tried this product on was a very old ruler. I sprayed a thin coating of it on and to my surprise it has lasted for months and works great. My ruler does not slide. It grips the fabric beautifully.

Tip: If you do notice your ruler starting to lose its gripping power, just rinse off the ruler and let it dry. You are now back in business! You can also spray on a new coat if necessary.

Did you spray one too many coats of Grippy on your ruler? Not to worry. You can remove Grippy Non-slip Adhesive with Odif DK5.


Here is the link to Get a Grip…Grippy that is!

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New York Beauty

New York Beauty Quilts Electrified: 12 Fun, Skill-Building Projects Using Easy Foundation Paper-Piecing Techniques to Electrify New York Beauty Blocks by Linda J. Hahn, Deborah G. Stanley

New York Beauty Quilts

New York Beauty quilts were introduced in the mid-1800s. At that time the textile industry had boomed with new fabrics, giving quilters the freedom to explore complex patchwork designs. Since then, the energetic-looking design—named after the Statue of Liberty’s crown—has evolved but the motif’s sharp points and technically challenging curved seams have remained steadfast through the years. To this day, it remains a beloved block and a topic of interesting quilt history.


Award-winning quilting teacher Linda Hahn introduced her simple paper-piecing technique for clean, precise blocks in New York Beauty Simplified and New York Beauty Diversified. Now Linda is back with more fabulous things to do with this grand old patchwork design!

New York Beauty Electrified offers 12 sparkling new skill-building projects that will kick up your quilting with fun embellishments and updated piecing instructions to make construction even easier. Linda’s amazing one pin technique lets you create NYB blocks that have clean sharp points and nice easy curves, practically guaranteeing the perfect block the first time you try it.

Hahn has teamed up with quilter Deborah G. Stanley on this book. Her specialty is simple, easy-to-complete sewing and quilting projects. The pair are proud to share their time-tested technique and patterns with quilters everywhere!

New York Beauty Quilts Electrified explores creative designs incorporating the traditional block pattern… Linda and Deborah showcase the versatility of the basic New York Beauty block by using it in new ways.”

—Bill Volckening, New York Beauty, Quilts from the Volckening Collection

One Pin and No Stress!

Sew a perfect New York Beauty block every time, with ONE pin and NO stress!

  • 12 skill-building projects using easy foundation paper-piecing techniques
  • Third in a series, author Linda J. Hahn’s award-winning New York Beauty books
  • Fun embellishments and updated piecing instructions make construction even easier
  • Easy-to-follow photos for piecing the arc, piecing the block components, and trimming the blocks
  • Author Linda J. Hahn is a National Quilting Association Certified Teacher and former NQA Teacher of the Year

This third book in the New York Beauty series follows the award-winning prequels:

New York Beauty Simplified
— IPA Bronze Winner

New York Beauty Diversified
— IPA Gold Winner

Order your copy today from Amazon. Here is the link.

See Linda and Deb’s other patterns carried by here

Amazon Link

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Rock That Quilt Block – Hourglass

A couple weeks ago designers Linda J. Hahn and Deborah G. Stanley had us ROCKING the Country Crown Block. (In case you missed is the link). Today we will be ROCKING the Hourglass block!

Rock That Quilt Block: Hourglass by Linda J. Hahn

By putting a twist on a traditional quilt block you can create an unlimited amount of fun, possibilities, and creative quilt designs. See how simply changing or adding a color can give your quilts a completely different flavor!!

This book features 72 pages, three bonus designs, and a resource guide. Linda provides cutting calculations to make the Hourglass block in your chosen size as well as several ways to make half square triangles (HST).

Overflowing fabric stash or scraps? These are also all great stash and scrap buster quilts.

Linda J. Hahn is a multiple award winning author and she has worn many hats in the quilting industry- teacher, pattern designer, long arm quilter, vendor and more.

Linda’s quilt designs can be seen in many of your favorite quilting magazines and purchased on our website at She is also the designer of the Island Vibes fabric collection by Banyan Batiks for Northcott and a coordinating thread collection with Aurifil.

Order your copy of Rock That Quilt Block: Hourglass today. Here is the link.

View‘s full selection of quilt patterns here.

Visit Linda’s website: Frog Hollow Designs

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The Gnomes Are Here

You asked for it….You got it!
The Gnomes are marching in! announces new product lines.

We are proud to announce we will now be carrying
Embroidery Punch Needle and Embroidery patterns combined!

Along with

48 colors of Barb’s Hand Dyed Variegated Fingering Merino Yarn

Click Here to Browse Our Selection of Yarns

Well you get the idea…there are just too many colors to show!

All can be found on

You will find individual or bundles to choose from as well.

Collect them all for all the Embroidery Patterns that will be featuring!

Did I mention these yarns are also great for Crochet??

Can you imagine snowflake ornaments for your Christmas Tree with White Sparkle or Snow Sparkle?

Now on with the show…….

8, count them…8 Gnomes come marching!!

Petunia Pete BS4-101

Mushroom Murphy BS4-102

Papa Perry BS2-104

Posie Paul BS4-105

Sleeping Sam BS4-106

Tangle Tony BS4-107

Cactus Cliff BS4-108

The Gnome family is playful and full of mischief. With Embroidery Punch Needle they can bring their playfulness into your home. With Hand Embroidery you can embellish clothing, towels or anything else you want the little guys on.

All Patterns contain full instructions for both Embroidery Punch Needle and Hand Embroidery. The colors needed are on the pattern. They are all done in Barb’s Hand Dyed Variegated Merino Yarn. The colors are easily found in DMC as the name depicts the color, such as Fire Engine Red.

If you are just starting out in Embroidery Punch Needle no need to worry, carries many of the supplies.

6″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop: Simple design and perfect for displaying your Gnomes.

Click Here to Purchase a 6″ Hoop

        Weavers Cloth, but you can request your pattern to be already drawn on the cloth!

Morgan Hoop: This hoop has a tongue and groove to hold the fabric tight.

Punch Needle: We use the UltraPunch and we put a pencil grip on for added comfort.

Click Here to Purchase

Kits are available for All Gnome Patterns!

Purchase All Of the Gnome Patterns Here!

Many more Embroidery Punch Needle Patterns to follow.

Click Here to see the full line of BS4 Patterns

Visit us at

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Welcome to a New Designer

Bound To Be Quilting is excited to be part of the team at We
work almost daily either designing, writing, or sewing up patterns – it’s become
our life! We are currently working with five fabric companies to provide them and
you with unique designs, and we also are featured in various quilting
magazines. We hope you find our patterns unique, interesting and easy to
follow. We are available to answer any questions you may have on them and
usually respond to emails within the same day.

Each quilt we design has a story behind it and by selecting one of our patterns
and adding your touch, you can make a quilt that’s special for you or a
loved one. We hope you find Bound to Be Quilting designs new and exciting and
will share the information about our company with your friends. Stay tuned, stay
healthy and enjoy this great hobby of quilting.

Pat Syta and Mimi Hollenbaugh

Below is just a sampling of BTBQ patterns. You can learn more about the designers of Bound To Be Quilting and view their full line of patterns here.

Happy Quilting!

Click here to visit

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Rock That Quilt Block

Rock That Quilt Block: 10 Gorgeous Quilts to Make from the Country Crown Block by Linda Hahn and Deborah Stanley; Published by Landauer

Rock That Quilt Block: 10 Gorgeous Quilts to Make from the Country Crown Block Pattern Book

From Linda J. Hahn and Deborah G. Stanley comes this inspirational project guide to help you think-and quilt-outside of the box.

See what one simple block can do!

  • 10 beautiful quilts from working with one magical block, the Country Crown
  • Step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams, and illustrations make each project easy to follow
  • Reinvent the same block in amazing ways with different methods, making a traditional block fresh again
  • Build your skills and practice different techniques with each quilt as the projects increase in difficulty
Windsor Quilt Pattern

Building Your Skills

Opening with an insightful overview on supplies, materials, and techniques, Rock That Quilt Block will then walk you through creating 10 beautiful quilts. Each of these projects require different techniques and slowly increase in difficulty, helping to further your skills. Using the versatile Country Crown block, you’ll discover all the possibilities by playing with color, rotating pieces, combining shapes, adding a sashing, and more!

Rock That Quilt Block book

88 pages packed with step-by-step instructions, coordinating diagrams, and illustrations to guide you along the way. Rock That Quilt Block is a must-have guide to creating stunning, intricate quilts using just one easy block!

Quilt images from Rock That Quilt Block book.

About the Authors

Written by co-authors Deborah G. Stanley, an independent designer who specializes in easy-to- complete quilting projects, and Linda J. Hahn, a fabric designer and award-winning quilt author, with Rock That Quilt Block, you know you’re learning from the best.

Here is what the reviewers had to say.

“What a unique concept! Take an intimidating block pattern, simplify the process so anyone can piece it, then show how to change elements to make it your own! Who could ask for anything more?”

—Penny Haren, author of 101 Quilting Tips & Tricks Pocket Guide

“Love this concept! One of the must-have books for any quilter’s toolbox, demonstrating how something as traditional as this block can be worked into exciting and fresh ideas by the ever-so-talented team of Linda and Deb!”

—Karen Gibbs, Design Director of Banyan Batiks by Northcott

Order your copy today from Amazon. Here is the link.

See Linda and Deb’s other patterns carried by here

Amazon Link

**This blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, QW will get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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Amazing Flowers Steal the Show in a New Quilt Pattern

Designer Cheryl Daines Brown joins us today:

QuilterChic -Cheryl Daines Brown

Flowers! I love flowers! I loved them enough when I was 5 that David Gilbert and I decided to try eating them. My dad had a beautiful bed of irises and the leaves must have looked delicious to our young, inquisitive, and inexperienced minds.

I just released a new quilt pattern, What a Lot of Flowers! This imaginative quilt is splashing with color! Appliquéd flowers and vines meander across three different-sized strips, with easy-to-make blocks in between.

What a Lot of Flowers! Quilt Pattern CDB-111
What a Lot of Flowers! quilt ©2019 QuilterChic/Cheryl Daines Brown.

Colorful fabrics bring a ray of sunshine into any home! Here is another version made by my tester and friend, Jeannie. She eliminated the pieced border. (And she’s working on the binding!)

What a Lot of Flowers quilt ©2019 QuilterChic, quilt made by Jeannie Carter

Obviously, the flowers didn’t kill us, as I’m writing this, and I don’t remember how they tasted either. They did turn our tongues a lovely shade of green. But you don’t need to eat leaves, you can get your fix of flowers with a beautiful new quilt instead!


Visit to see our full selection of CDB patterns!

What a lot of Flowers! Quilt Pattern CDB-111
Finished Size: Lap/Throw 58″ x 74″
Skill Level: Intermediate
Technique: Pieced/Applique

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Back To Basics

Many needlecrafts that were popular in years past have been having a surge of
renewed popularity. Just visit Pinterest and search for Needle Punch or Rug Punch
and you will be inspired to try a “new old craft”. I recently started doing hand
embroidery and needlepunch again after remembering how much I enjoyed doing them
as a teenager over 40 years ago.

Over the next few months at we will be introducing “Make it Your Way” patterns that will help and encourage you to explore Needle Punch Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Rug Punching or Hooking, and Easy Applique. Watch our website and our weekly email for these renewed needlework trends using popular themes like Gnomes and Succulents (Cactus etc.).

Here is a sneak peek of some of our upcoming patterns…

If you want to start your exploration of Rug Punching and more now. May we suggest this wonderful series of videos by The Oxford Company. Check out their YouTube channel by clicking the link or start with the video below.

FREE Basic Instructions

Also, right now you can find many basic instructions on our website for quilting and
embroidery. Embroidery stitches, binding, mitered corners, punch needle basics, hand embroidery basics, and more. All free to download.

Plus you can check out our Embroidery and Rug Punching Supplies. We have some beautiful Hand Dyed Merino Wool Yarn, linen, monks cloth and more. And we will be adding more in the next couple of months. So check back soon.


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