5 Tip Friday- How to Find More Time to Quilt Part 2


how to find more time to quilt part 2

We are back to bring you five more great tips for finding more time to quilt. Earlier this month we asked our designers for their best tips on finding more time to quilt. This week we bring you the sage advise of Bea Lee of Bea Quilter,  Susan Mayer of Quilting Discoveries, Sandi Colwell of Quilt Cabana Patterns and Julia Deal of SEW Artistic.

How to Find More Time to Quilt Part 2

How to find more time to quilt part 2

Bea Lee”s Whirly Gig Quilt Pattern

1. Keep your working area and supplies organized.

Bea Lee of Bea Quilter says that she keeps her supplies super organized. It can be a motivation killer if you know that cleaning up after that last sewing session will take hours before the actual fun can begin. Bea also says that she likes to keep her supplies and projects neat but visible to inspire her. By being able to see her fabrics and trims, she can dream up innovative ways of combining them.

 how to find more time to quilt part 2

“Coming Down the Chimney ” Quilt Pattern by Sandi Colwell

2. Mix it Up.

Sometimes quilting projects take longer than others. Susan Mayer suggests working one more than one project at a time. “I keep several projects going at once, stored in clear plastic scrapbooking boxes. That way if I get bored with one, I can work on something else.” Likewise Bea “usually works on more than one project at a time, especially if it’s a “boring” project or something that usually takes a long time, it will be my leader and ender project and before I know it, it’s done!” Working on one project for too long can be a major enthusiasm killer. Change it around in order to stay motivated.

how to find more time to quilt  part two

“Hannah’s Garden” Quilt Pattern by Susan Mayer

3. Take it With You.

Even small snippets of time spent waiting at doctors’ appointments or kid’s sporting events can add up to a significant amount of quilting time. Sandi Colwell says “I like to keep separate, small bags with different types of handwork in it near the door. I might have Sashiko in one, crochet in another and English Paper Piecing in a third. Each bag has its own pair of scissors. I grab whichever bag I feel like working on and take it to appointments and kids’ activities. I also take it out the pool in the summer. The more choices I have, the less bored I am after a while of working on one project.” Julia Deal also says that she always has hand work ready to go. She says her method of “time-boxing” works extremely well. Time boxing is Julia’s method for working on a project for 30 minutes every day. “For example you could get up a half hour early. Have a sewing project ready to go, and work on it for 30 minutes. If you do this EVERY day, you will make good progress.”

how to find more time to quilt part 2

Julia Deal’s Moden Two Sided Tree Skirt Pattern

4. Make it a Family Affair.

We absolutely loved Susan’s ideas for getting family members involved in the quilting process. “A good idea is to get your husband involved….ask for color ideas (they see things quite differently). They will be interested in how it works out! Try showing your family a few quilt patterns and let them pick one for a family quilt or one of their own. They will be interested in your progress; therefore giving you time to quilt!

5. Get Organizational Ideas From a Class.

Julia teaches a class entitles “Sew Organized” where she discusses organizing tips and techniques she has perfected over the years. She says that she has students tell her years after taking her class how they still use the ideas she shared.

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How to Bring MORE Fabric Home From the Quilt Show


With the International Quilt Festival taking place later this month in Houston (October 30-November 2nd.), we are all thinking about finding ways to bring more fabric home from the quilt show. Here is how to bring more fabric home from the quilt show.

quilt show

Take it All With You Organizer

Outsmart everyone- How to Bring More Fabric Home From the Quilt Show

Next time you are cleaning out your closet, think twice before you toss out those old clothes. Now that the airlines are limiting the amount of luggage you can take and making it more expensive to pack heavy items like fabric, a little advance planning can help you beat them at their own game. Whether you are flying or driving, getting that extra suitcase (the one you bought while out of town at the show) past the eagle eye of your significant other and payer of the credit card bills, will no longer be necessary.

quilt show

Here’s the plan: Take all those almost worn out or out-of-date clothes and save them in a box labeled “travelling clothes”. These are the clothes you wear on the plane or in the car because they are all broken in and comfortable. So what if they were on their way to the rag bag – you’re never going to see those people on the plane or in the rest stops again anyway. Keep your goal in mind and your priorities straight!

Now if you are working at the show setting up and taking down booths, you can use some of those old clothes as work clothes too. Nobody cares how ratty you look on setup days. OK, so now you have packed as few nice wardrobe items as possible only for the days the show is actually open, leaving as much room as possible for fabric and goodies to bring home. But it’s never enough, is it? Until you ditch all those old clothes you didn’t want any more into the nearest Salvation Army bin or dumpster at the hotel and voila! More room for fabric!

quilt show

Sew Stylish Organizer Pattern

Here is a handy planning chart you can take to the show:

1 pr. bikini panties = 1 fat quarter
1 pr. granny panties = 3 fat quarters
1 bra A-C cup = 1 fat quarter
1 bra D+ cup = 2 fat quarters
1 pr. socks = 1 fat quarter
1 t-shirt Sm.-Lg. = 3 fat quarters
1 t-shirt XL+ = 1 yd.
1 pr. jeans/sweatpants = 2-3 yds.

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5 Tip Friday- How to Find More Time to Quilt Part 1

How to findMore Time to Quilt (1)

If your biggest challenge is finding more time to quilt and sew then you don’t want to miss our new series, 5 Tip Fridays! For the next few weeks, we will be sharing tips that we got from our designers. So many of them have designed dozens if not hundreds of patterns. They are experienced, organized and efficient enough to be successful designers, teachers and even authors. They know the challenges of balancing home and family with doing what they love, quilting. We asked them for their best tips on how to find more time to quilt.

5 Tips- How to Find More Time to Quilt

1. Cut first, sew last.

Many of our designers mentioned that they will cut all their pattern pieces out before sewing them together. Barb Sackel  of Rose Cottage Quilting stated that she cuts out all of her pieces on the front end of a project so that she can “just grab and sew” when she has a few minutes to spare. But this can save you even more time in another way. According to Debbie Caffrey of Debbie’s Creative Moments, cutting and organizing pieces before sewing them together can save you “seam ripper time.” Debbie stated “Cut and organize pieces or put the cut pieces on your design wall. You will be very tempted to sew, but keep cutting and designing. You may find that you need or want to change a fabric. That is more easily done when the pieces are not sewn together.”

how to find more time to quilt

Barb Sackel’s Swirling Leaves Quilt Pattern

2. Stay Motivated.

Happy quilters are motivated quilters. Finding ways to reward yourself can help you get more quilting done. According to Carol Steely of  FunThreads Designs, this can be as simple as having a “to-do” list nearby. Carol says, “Make a ‘to do’ check list by date or project priority and keep it where you can always see it. It’s very satisfying to scratch things off that list!” Rewarding yourself for doing basic household chores in the form of minutes spent quilting can also be effective. Debbie suggests, “Reward yourself by sewing for ten minutes each time you complete a task like, laundry, bill paying, etc.”

how to find more time to quilt

Carol Steely’s Sugar Skulls Quilt Pattern

 3. Unleash the Power of the Quilt Group

Ok, so maybe you just can seem to make yourself schedule more time to quilt. How about calling in a few of your quilty friends?  Barb states that having a quilting buddy or a group accessible makes quilting a lot more fun and therefore productive. Ann Weins of Sweetgrass Designs suggests, “Get a few quilty friends together and pick a regular time when the few of you will get together and quilt. It can be a day, an afternoon or evening. My friends and I meet on the 1st Sunday of each month at our local quilt shop. I get more done that one day than I do the rest of the month!”

How to find more time to quilt

Anne Weins is the Author of The Thrifty Quilter

4. Know Your Basics

Debbie suggests taking the time to learn the basics. If you take the time to learn the basics of quilting, i.e cutting, pressing, piecing, working with patterns, etc,. chances are you will free up valuable time that can lead to you getting more accomplished. Our Mothers, Grandmothers and those that quilted before them have spent years learning the most efficient ways to quilt and sew. Experienced sewers and quilters may have a lot of basic tips to teach you. If you feel like you could benefit from learning fundamentals, look into signing up for a Basic Sewing and/or Quilting class at your local fabric or craft store. Having basic knowledge can save you a ton of time down the road.

how to find more time to quilt

Debbie Caffery’s Murder of Crows Quilt Pattern

5. Schedule it in

Just like anything else, we have to give ourselves “permission” to treat quilting just like anything else we find worthy of our time. Anne states, “Make a date. Whether you live alone or have a houseful of family, it’s easy to be distracted from your quilting time, because let’s face it, we put the things we need to do (or other people think we need to do) ahead of the things we want to do…like quilt.”

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Designer Spotlight: Create Kids Couture

create kids couture

Looking at the patterns by Create Kids Couture, you can’t help but smile. The patterns are adorable, the fabrics they chose are perfect and the models are the best part. We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Shannon and Tiffany to learn more about what inspires them.

An Interview with Create Kids Couture

Qw.com- Your business is a partnership. What roles do each of you play in CKC?

CKC- Actually, we both do everything! We did have set roles, but then we realized if something were to happen to one of us, Create Kids Couture would suffer because we didn’t know how to do each other’s job! Most of our time these days is spent managing our staff. We have a wonderful staff of 20 stay-at-home moms and one dad to help make CKC what it is today!

Qw.com- How would you describe the patterns you make?

CKC- We started out Create Kids Couture with boutique style clothing patterns for girls. We’ve stayed true to the boutique style, but we’ve expanded to include boys, dolls, tweens, womens, womens plus, and even dogs! We also just started doing some home goods patterns. We have over 400 patterns to choose from on our website.

create kids couture

Whitney’s Ruffle Neck Romper Sewing Pattern

Qw.com- How do you find inspiration for your patterns?

CKC- Our daughter’s have been our main source of inspiration from the start. As they have grown and their style is developing and maturing, our style changes to accommodate them because they are the main reason we started sewing! Nothing is better than spending all day sewing a dress and having your daughter love it!
We do have other designers working on patterns under us, and they all have a different style from us. We love it! When CKC started growing and we saw the following we were getting because our patterns were easy to follow, we knew we wanted to make it sort of a one-stop shop for PDF patterns.  We knew we couldn’t do that if we didn’t grow with our customers and offer more styles.

Qw.com- Many of your patterns incorporate mixed prints. What advice would you give to someone for choosing fabrics for a project?

CKC- This is a great question! Honestly, when we started out we stuck to a lot of fabric lines. It’s so easy to mix and match prints within a line. When you do it often enough you get familiar with what colors you like and what colors you think go well together. You also learn what prints mix and match well so you start to do it on your own. What we love to do is use a nice large, bold print for the main dress and then tiny, complimentary prints for the ruffles, straps, etc. It really allows you to highlight each piece in it’s own way!

create kids couture

Natalie’s Ruffle Butt Romper Pattern

Qw.com- Where do you find your adorable models?

CKC- When we started we were lucky enough to have our daughter’s at home to photograph whenever we needed them! They dominated our site and there was no question that they were our daughter’s! Now they will both be in school full-time this year, which will make it a little harder to get the photos we need. Luckily for us, the addition of all our amazing new designers is that they all have daughters! Between us all there is no shortage of girls. Additionally, we have some amazing testers with great taste and cute children so our website is a cuteness overload of dogs, babies, and children!

Qw.com- What kind of pattern do you enjoy designing the most and why?

CKC- We are probably best known for our girly, over-the-top, ruffled designs. Our patterns were very distinguishable because there was no shortage of ruffles! We toned it down since we started because our daughter’s tastes changed, but our staffs with the younger girls are keeping it going and we love them for it! Tiffany and I have been doing a lot with knits lately because that’s what our daughters like and, after all, that’s why we started sewing.

Qw.com- As pattern designers, what is your biggest challenge? 

CKC- Choosing just one pattern to make! Sometimes, I will just be so overwhelmed with ideas I can’t even concentrate on one of them.


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Quilting Workshops and Lectures Part 4

quilting workshops and lectures

“Hunter’s Star” Workshop Taught by Peggy Gelbrich

Savvy quiltshop owners and guild members know the value of lining up quality teachers for quilting workshops and lectures. A good teacher can offer so much to a quilter who is looking to enhance their skills. This is part four of our series that includes quilting workshops and lectures taught by some of our super talented and designers here at QuiltWoman.com.

Quilting Workshops and Lectures Part Four

Peggy Gelbrich- Yellow House Quilter

quilting workshops and lectures

A long time quilter from Yamhill, Oregon, Peggy loves both designing and teaching using her quilting skills. Peggy teaches across the United States and Canada and got her start when she and her family lived in Alaska. She states,”As with most beginning quilt classes we started with a sampler quilt. At that time we used cardboard templates and scissors. Thinking back it’s how our foremothers made quilts and it works. But, thank you to rotary cutters which have made our passion to create quilts easier.” Her Hunters Star (top) class is aimed at confident beginners who will learn how to get perfect points without cutting or piecing a diamond shape. It is an easy construction process and using accurate pressing creates sharp points. 

quilting workshops and lectures

The “Rocky Roads to Kansas” pattern dates back to the late 1800’s. Peggy states “It was most likely named for the arduous journey the settlers made during their trip west.” In this class, students will make a quilt in fabrics representative of the time or celebrate the present with something new. The new quilting methods of freezer paper, paper piecing make this quilt an easy project. 

quilting workshops and lectures

Along with offering several workshops, Peggy enjoys delivering quality lectures. Her “History of Signature Quilts” lecture discusses the way in which friendship and camaraderie are intertwined with quilt making since family, friendship and fundraising brought quilters and non-quilters together to sign their names on quilts, documenting their signatures in history

Peggy loves teaching people how to make quilts. She states, “I love hanging out with quilters and sharing new patterns and ideas. It’s the camaraderie with the quilters that makes teaching so special. It’s a joy to be able to teach across the United States.” For more information about her quilting workshops and lectures, including testimonials from students who have taken her classes, visit her website

Beth Helfter- EvaPaige Quilt Designs

quilting workshops and lectures

Beth has been quilting and designing for 19 years and is primarily self-taught. Now an active designer, lecturer, and teacher, Beth lives with her husband and three daughters in Pepperell, Massachusetts. She describes her design style as “fun over fuss” and loves bringing her lectures and workshops which focus on keeping the fun in quilt making to quilters all over the country. 

“Plays Well With Others” – An inspiring look at group quilt making beyond your basic round robin. Accompanying and decidedly un-basic “Round Robin in a Day” workshop will get your guild working together to create entire quilt tops in record time.

Her popular “Perfection is Overated” lecture is a humorous romp through her own finished quilts that will have attendees ignoring their perceived “mistakes” in quilting and show them how to burn with love for every quilt they create, unmatched points and all. Her “Plays Well With Others” lecture is an inspiring look at group quilt making beyond your basic round robin. According tp Beth, the “accompanying and decidedly un-basic “Round Robin in a Day” workshop will have guild members and other quilting groups working together to create entire quilt tops in record time.”

quilting workshops and lectures

Happy Jacks Quilt Pattern

Beth says “inspired designs and relaxed attitude is what I am all about. Quilting is supposed to be fun, and I have taken it upon myself to keep it that way. Because I have a hard time getting in a box, my patterns feature a little bit of everything: innovative slicing and piecing techniques, vibrant colors, scrappy joyous fun, fanciful machine applique, fun embellishments, forgiving designs with few matching points, and whole lot of fun and inspiration – because that is what quilting should be about.”  Go here, for more information on her quilting workshops and lectures.

If you enjoyed reading about these teachers, see more of our blog posts featuring teachers who travel and deliver some amazing quilting workshops and lectures.


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More of Our Favorite Quilting Workshops and Lectures

Quilting Workshops and lectures

Pave the Way Quilt Pattern

Are you a guild member or a quilt shop owner in search of quality quilting workshops and lectures? Maybe you are an avid quilter or an eager beginner? Read our latest post on quilting workshops and lectures you should not miss!

Reeze L. Hanson- Morning Glory Designs

Midnight Posies Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

Midnight Posies Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

A lifelong sewer and a college speech teacher, Reeze Hanson discovered quilting more than 20 years ago. Reeze lives in Ottawa, Kansas with her husband, critters and impressive fabric stash. Still teaching college full time, Reeze has a busy schedule of teaching, designing, lecturing regionally and nationally, and vending at regional quilt shows. 

Quilting workshops and lectures

August Gladiola Quilt Pattern

She is well known in the area for teaching and lecturing widely on computer aided design using EQ7. In addition to her work as a digital artist, Reeze also teaches and lectures about Color Confidence for Quilters, finding inspiration in an odd variety of places, as well as discussing (and showing!) her impressive collection of Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts.  Other course offerings include “Easy Machine Applique,” Seminole Peicing,” “Curved Piecing Without Pins” and “One Patch Piecing Techniques.” See more information on Reeze’s classes here.  

Toby Lischko- Gateway Quilts

quilting workshops and lectures

Mosaic Magic Quilt Pattern

Toby, a resident of Beaufort, MO, has been been quilting since 1985 and designing quilts since 1995. She considers herself a traditional quilter “with a twist”. She enjoys taking traditional blocks and adding her own special flair to create new designs.Her background in Special Education for 25 years makes her an excellent teacher. She prides herself in breaking down techniques into simple steps that cause quilters to say after they take her class “I didn’t think I could do that!”

quilting workshops and lectures

Clover Fields Quilt Pattern

Her lectures feature her rise in the quilting community with a trunk show of that contains inspiring and unique quilts. Some of her lectures include; “Using Mirrors to Enhance and Add Variety to your Quilt Blocks” and “How the Curved Block has influenced my Quilt designs”. She also lectures and teaches a workshop on using EQ7. She teaches a variety of workshops from beginner to more advance techniques in curved piecing, foundation piecing and miniatures. Most of her workshops are technique oriented and she encourages you to go beyond her sample quilt and create your own designs. Find more about Toby’s quilting workshops and lectures here. 

Claudia Lash- Presto Avenue Designs

quilting workshops and lectures

Stars and Stripes Quilt Pattern

Claudia Lash began quilting many years ago and describes herself as obsessed with quilting. She enjoys all types of quilts and all aspects of quilting, including teaching. Her workshops include; “Fusible Appliqué” (Beginners) which focuses on machine appliqué with the buttonhole stitch, “Decorated Blocks” (Beginners or Intermediate)
which teaches participants a positive/negative fusible appliqué technique, and “Free Motion Machine Quilting.” She lives and works in Indiana. More on her workshops can be found here. 

quilting workshops and lectures

Striped Diamonds Quilt Pattern

 Sue Beevers- Trillium Ridge Quilt Patterns

Sue Beevers, who lives in central New York state, loves to teach! According to Sue, “It’s so exciting to watch quilters of all experience levels discover new techniques and new ways of using techniques with which they are already familiar”. Sue is available for guild sponsored events, retreats, and conferences. She particularly enjoys working with workshop sponsors
to tailor a workshop to their distinct situation, and to each participant’s individual needs.

quilting workshops and lectures

Soaring Geese Table Set Pattern

Sue’s ”Curls and Swirls” workshop has been designed for intermediate to advanced quilters. It’s the perfect workshop for students looking for a new way to design contemporary quilts. Her “Monkey Wrench” class introduces students to a versatile traditional block that is often overlooked. Participants explore new and creative ways to
use this block and create amazing contemporary quilts.

quilting workshops and lectures

Sarabande Quilt Pattern

For more information on Sue’s quilting workshops and lectures, visit her website .

Among the many workshops and lectures offered by our designers, we hope you find something that will inspire you!



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Designer Spotlight: Barbara Huber Designs

barbara huber

Cape Cod Carry All Pattern

We have long admired Barbara Huber’s clever handbag patterns. As a special treat to you, we are offering her patterns at 20% off for a limited time. Visit QuiltWoman.com to see all of Barbara’s patterns. Recently, I had a chance to get to know more about Barbara and her creative process. Here is what she had to say.

QW.com- At what age did you begin sewing? What was the biggest challenge as a beginning sewer?

Barbara Huber (BH) – I began sewing at about age 13 or 14. My mom is a talented seamstress and always emphasized good technique in sewing. My impatience and lack of attention to detail meant that I spent a great deal of time as a young sewer with a seam ripper in my hand. I am grateful for those lessons learned early on because I would not be the sewer that I am today without great guidance in the beginning years.

QW- You design a lot of hand bag and tote patterns, what inspires you to create them?

BH-I love purses but I don’t always like the prices of purses.  My first pattern, The Knot Handle Reversible Tote, was inspired by an overpriced, poorly made sack that I saw in an upscale shop.  I thought that I could do a better job so I went home, grabbed some muslin and went to work.  I also love the fact that an individual can take one of my patterns and make a bag that is completely unique…a one of a kind.  I always try to include ideas for customizing my bags in the patterns so that each sewer can truly end up with a “designer original.”  I hope that my patterns are just the beginning in a creative process that results in a beautiful project.

barbara huber

Knot Handle Reversible Tote Pattern

QW- If you had more time to sew, what would you make?

BH-I would love to make a Baltimore Album quilt but think that I need to work on my applique before I tackle one.  Maybe when I retire…..

QW- What inspires y0ur designs? Each one is so different from the next?

BH-I find inspiration in many places.  I always carry a notepad with me and if I see an element in a purse or tote that I like, I write it down.  The idea for the Napa Valley Picnic Tote grew out of necessity.  My husband and I enjoy concerts and performances in parks and were tired of lugging a big cooler.  I try to design bags that I would like to carry and that have some unique elements that are interesting and fun to sew.

barbara huber

Napa Valley Picnic Tote Pattern

QW- What are you working on right now? Where are you at in the process?

BH- I always have several projects going at the same time.  One is contemporary quilt that I am making for my daughter and her fiance.  This project is still in the planning stages.  Another is a batik quilt that was a block of the month from about a year ago…I got a little behind!   Most of the blocks are finished but I have quite a bit of work to do on the settings for the blocks.  I always have some hand work around too.  My favorite is wool applique.

QW- What is your favorite quote and why?

BH- “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill.  This quote says it all for me.  It’s important not to get so wrapped up in “getting” that we forget to give back.

barbara huber

Memory Quilt Pattern

QW- What would your perfect day be like? Who would you spend it with? What would you do? Where would you go?

BH- For me, any time spent with my family is treasured.  My son, daughter-in-law, my daughter and future son-in-law all live out of town so when my husband and I get everyone together it is a special treat.  Having everyone at our cottage on Lake Chautauqua in NY is always fun.  We don’t need to be doing anything extraordinary.   Just being together is a perfect day for me.

Thanks so much for joining me for my chat with Barbara Huber!



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Designer Spotlight: Interview with Christina McCourt

christina mccourt

Antique Star Quilt Pattern

Christina McCourt’s quilt patterns are great for showcasing fabric collections. Her traditional designs have been widely published in magazines. A long time fan, I couldn’t wait to get to know more about her as a designer and a person.

Designer Spotlight: Interview with Christina McCourt

QW- How did you get started in quilt pattern designing?

Christina McCourt (CM) -I started designing for myself in 2007 when I fell in love with fabric and couldn’t find a pattern for it. I designed something for it. I did this for a couple of quilts. In May 2008, Pat from the Hickory Stick Quilt Shop in Hannibal, MO asked me to design a quilt. It was for the quilt that she has made for a raffle for the Tom and Becky program. After that things just took off. Initially I just sold my patterns to her store. I submitted quilt to magazine also.  To get my patterns out past Hickory Stick I submitted my work to QuiltWoman.com and was accepted.

QW- Tell us more about publishing your designs in magazines. How did you get started in that?

CM- I had help getting my quilt designs out there and published. My first submission was to Quilt magazine. Pat took the quilt to Quilt Market to show around and Quilt magazine liked it.  I also designed the quilt for Pat for the quilt shop spotlight in Quilt Sampler. I had a quilt in Quilting for Christmas and Fabric Trends that were submitted by the fabric company.  After that push I started submitting on my own. I have a quilt in Quilt Almanac 2011 that I submitted. I also was in Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks after designing a block for Volume 3 and 4. Currently I have been submitting to Fon’s and Porter magazine and have had great success with them.

Christina mccourt

Ribbon Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

QW- Do you have a favorite pattern design? Which one and why?

CM- My favorite patterns are Ribbon Pinwheel and Sweet Adelaide. I really can’t decide which I like the best. I like the fact that in both you make one block and when you put them together and you get a secondary design. Love the movement in both.

QW- How do you decide which fabrics to use when designing?

CM- I use fabrics that appeals or “talks” to me. I have been trying to use fabric that is not in my comfort zone. My favorite is Kansas Trouble and Civil War reproduction fabrics. Sometimes I have the fabric and I let it lead me in the design of a quilt. I have quite a few quilts designed but the right fabric hasn’t appeared.

QW- What are you working on right now? Where are you at in the process?

CM-Right now I am working on a quilt for Fon’s and Porter magazine. I am in the piecing stage. It is a scrappy quilt and I am using colors that I normally do not use. It has been fun!

Christina McCourt

Victorian Medley Quilt Pattern

QW- What is your favorite quote and why?

CM-“Put your big girl panties on and deal with it” and “Suck it up buttercup”. Hate whining.

QW- What would your perfect day be like? Who would you spend it with? What would you do? Where would you go?

CM- Right now the perfect day would be on a deserted island. I would be myself for some quality alone time with a book. Hey it’s just for a day. Then back to family time.

christina mccourt

Birds Around the Town Quilt Pattern

QuiltWoman.com is offering 20% off all of Christina’s patterns as a special treat to you. See all of Christina’s beautiful quilt patterns here.


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Our List of the Best Quilting Workshops and Lectures

quilt workshops and lectures

Urban Trilogy Handbag Pattern

Not long ago, we blogged about some of our favorite lectures and workshops offered by QuiltWoman.com designers. So many of our talented designers are also teachers, we decided to feature more of them on our blog. If you are a guild member or shop owner who is looking to bring talented designers to your venue, take note. We do have teachers and they will travel! Here is our list of the best quilting workshops and lectures our designers currently offer.

Lois Johnsen and Shari Migdail-Smith- Kindred Quilters (Rhode Island)

Lois and Shari make up the dynamic team that is Kindred Quilters. Together, they have over 40 years of sewing and quilting experience. They offer both one and two day workshops including a fabulous one day workshop that introduces attendees to “Machine Quilting.” In this 4 hour workshop, topics such as free-motion quilting are thoroughly explored and the teachers promise that you will “completely lose your fear of free-motion quilting by the time you leave our class.”

quilting workshops and lectures

Take it All With You Organizer Tote Pattern

They also offer a workshop on creating their Urban Trilogy Handbag. This sleek, little bag pattern features both shoulder and cross-body wearing. Students learn how to add multiple outer and lining pockets (including two zipper pockets) and magnetic snaps. This pattern has a “trilogy” of variations that allows you to express your own creative story. If you are looking for a longer workshop, their Take It All With You Organizer Bag Class is two 5 hour sessions. Attendees learn how to make this wildly popular tote bag that has over 40 pockets!

Kindred Quilters also offers a trunk show featuring the many sewing patterns they have created, their business history, and a demonstration of the easy, pain free method of creating the zipper pocket used in many of their patterns.  Kindred Quilters also enjoys vending at quilt shows and meeting fellow quilters. If you are interested in learning more about the workshops offered by Kindred Quilters, contact Lois and Shari at info@kindredquiltersri.com.


quilting workshops and lectures

Bali Jewels Wall Hanging

 Linda J. Hahn- Frog Hollow Designs (Manalapan, NJ)

Linda’s classes are fun and she has a special knack for making the seemingly complicated easy to understand. She has a passion for quilting that shines through when she teaches. Linda offers classes that teach students how to make her quilt patterns that include the Bali Jewels Wall Hanging which is made from one package of Hoffman’s Bali Pops.

quilting workshops and lectures

Junk to Jems Quilt Pattern

If you are looking for a workshop that teaches students how to use up fabric scraps, the Junk to Jems workshop promises to be tons of learning fun. Linda is the author of two award winning books, New York Beauty Simplified and New York Beauty Diversified and she has had several designs published in magazines. She can be reached at lawnquilt@aol.com.

Michele Scott- The Pieceful Quilter (Deptford, NJ) 

quilting workshops and lecture

Michele Scott’s trademark humor combined with her extensive quilting knowledge make any of her workshops or lectures well worth attending. She currently offers lectures including her new one, “Every Quilt Tells a Story.” Delivered with Michele’s high energy and “done is better than perfect” attitude, she takes you on a journey through her 20 years of quilting. From machine and bobbin quilting to designing for magazines to getting your work published, this lecture is the ultimate compilation of her three lectures.


Circles and Squares Quilt Pattern

If you are looking for workshops by Michele, you will not be disappointed. You can learn curved piecing in her “Curved Piecing Made Easy” workshop. Using one block (constructed by you), you will learn to sew curves easily and produce a fabulous wall hanging. This technique of using freezer paper is for anyone who wants the speed of machine piecing combined with the freedom to put their seams anywhere they choose. The paper eliminates stretching and accurately marks the seam line making curved piecing (practically) painless. For more information on her workshops and lectures, contact Michele at michele@piecefulquilter.com.

Hopefully you see a workshop or lecture that you can bring to your next guild event or quilt shop. Thanks for joining us today!


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Quilting Workshops for Your Quilt Shop

quilting workshops

Napa Valley Picnic Tote

Are you looking for high quality guests to teach techniques in your quilt shop? The designers at QuiltWoman.com are not only exceptional creators, but many of them are talented teachers. Here are some quilting workshops for your quilt shop.

Quilting Workshops for Your Quilt Shop

Barbara Huber (Buffalo, NY)

Barbara Huber of Barbara Huber Designs is a certified teacher with experience in quilting and sewing lectures as well as hands-on workshops.  As a well-know designer of handbags and totes, her lectures feature tips and tricks for making a professional looking purse including: inserting linings that fit, strap construction, bound button holes, inserting zippers, pockets, and boxing bottoms.  If you want to expand your DIY handbag skills, your should attend one of Barbara’s workshops.

quilting worshops

French Baquette Pattern

Barbara’s lecture demonstrations include highlighting various notions, interfacing, trims, fleece, sewing machine feet, etc. found in the shop she is teaching in. Attendees will leave with a free pattern. For more information, contact Barbara.

Jen Eskridge (Helotes, TX)

quilting workshops

QuiltWoman.com Designer and Author Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs is also a teacher. Her course offering include her Books Lecture and Trunk Show and her Get Published! Lecture and Trunk Show.

quilting workshops

In her Books Lecture Jen discusses and demonstrates her popular facing technique as it is presented in Hexagons Made Easy and Learn to Sew Easy Curves.  Each participant is free to ask loads of questions and see all the projects from each book. In her Get Published Lecture, Jen shares her process for proposing projects, ideas and articles to various different publishers. Her animated style will entertain you while you learn what there is to know about becoming a published author. You’ll see actual digital files submitted, published quilts, free pattern ideas, and hear some hilarious stories. Guild chairs should contact Jen (www.reannalilydesigns.com) to book a date for an upcoming lecture.

Jen also offers workshops including Hexagons Made Easy, The Cube Purse and the Adjustable Apron Workshop. More information can be found on her website.

Patti Carey (Sharon, ON)

quilting workshops

Patti Carey is an Author, Quiltwoman.com Designer and Teacher as well as the Vice President of Public Relations for Northcott. She has lead the marketing/sample department at Northcott since 1986.  She recently published a quilting book, entitled “A Taste of Napa Valley”.  She is a regular contributor to The Quilter magazine and the Fons & Porter group of publications, and has had projects published in several quilting magazines.

Patti offers a wide variety of full-day lectures including Simplified Double Wedding Ring – (using the simplified pattern in her book) Easy Lone Star, where participants piece a Lone star wall-hanging and Fast & Fabulous Bargello Wall-hanging in addition to several more.

quilting workshops

Bar Harbor Quilt Pattern

For those wanting shorter lectures, Patti draws on her experience at Northcott and offers From Fiber to Fabric. In a PowerPoint presentation  Patti describes the design and printing process of quilting fabrics.  Have you ever wondered what to do with those panels, patches, stripes and scenics that you see in the quilt shop or have in your stash? In Interesting Quilts From Unusual Fabrics, Patti uses a trunk show to spark your creativity and fill your head with ideas on how to use those unusual fabrics. For more information, contact Patti Carey. (patti.carey@northcott.net)

quilting workshops

Shimmering Strata Quilt Pattern

Whether it be learning how to construct handbags, gathering information on getting published or spending an afternoon piecing a Bargello wall hanging, you are bound to add valuable skills to your quilting abilities. Stay tuned as we bring you more lecture and workshop offerings from talented Quiltwoman.com designers.



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