Introducing Wine Bottle Wind Chimes and Lamps

Tracee and Bill David of Kendall, NY are the artists behind these beautiful treasures. Each piece is original and hand crafted with care. They keep many different designs and styles available in stock, samples shown below, but they also accept special custom orders.

Great gift for you or someone you love!

These items make great gifts, but hey make even better additions to your own home – have them customize something to match your décor! They’ll incorporate your favorite flower, animal, sports team, food/beverage, a monument, a person, or even a brand! They use liquor bottles also, and occasionally they do something different, like “flat work” on an old hand saw – what have you got laying around that they could turn into a work of art? The possibilities are truly endless!

If you missed them at Holley June Fest on 6/2/18 you can check them out on Facebook at or contact them via email or phone (585)331-2232 with questions, comments, or inquiries.





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