Sewing Projects for Beginning Quilters (and Girl Scouts)

I’ve always been one to encourage non-quilters to take up quilting.  It’s just part of the passion of quilting!  So it’s not surprising that as the leader of a Girl Scout Troop, I have been trying to talk the girls into do a sewing badge.  I seem to have finally succeeded.  We’ve been meeting at our local quilt shop weekly over the summer to work on our various projects.

What projects are good for beginner quilters?

I found this terrific blog posting at Quilting Lessons Online.  It’s got some great beginner projects suitable for everyone, not just Girl Scouts.  But I was pleased to see it listed some of the exact projects I had my scouts doing.

So go find a quilter-wanna-be and see if you can talk them into an afternoon of sewing.  Bribe them if you have to.  I found the promise of donuts will convince my Girl Scouts to get out of bed in the summer to sew!

Girl Scout Badges

If you are a Girl Scout Leader, here are a couple of sewing related badges you won’t find in any of the Girl Scout books.  You can buy the badges on-line once they have been earned.

Quilt-It Badge – Sahuaro Girl Scout Quilting Project.  Has badges for all age levels.

Sew Glam IP – IP level only.  Great for those who are creative.

A Humbug Bag is a great beginning project!

A Humbug Bag is a great beginning project!

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