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Located in Brockport, NY, Liz Hamilton has channeled her passions into her licensed in-home bakery. A love that started in childhood led her to The Culinary Institute of America after high school, where she studied Baking and Pastry Arts. She continued to bake for friends and family while working in a restaurant kitchen and Wegmans Patisserie in three different states!

Liz took a little time off to start a family, but decided she wasn’t done baking – she even named her business in tribute to her daughter, Mackenzie (Kennie), who shares a love of sweets and baking.

Although KennieCakes & Confections is a “custom order” in-home bakery, meaning she is not a “walk-in” retail establishment, she offers lots of delicious goodies to choose from, none of which sit on shelves because it’s all baked fresh to order! Whether you want cookies, cupcakes or specialty cakes for birthdays, showers or weddings, she can do it! She’ll even provide Decorate-Your-Own Cake & Cookie Kits so you can invite friends and family to join in the fun.


Artfully crafted, each piece is beautiful…and did we mention delicious?! Check them out online at kenniecakesandconfections.com to place an order, and show your support for local business – two reasons to feel oh, so good!


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