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Ann Anderson - Quiltwoman - Pieced with optical illusions (often)
Ann Anderson in Collaboration with Susan Mayer
Barbara Skjoenberg - Quilt-Designs- Norway
Bonnie Lyn McCaffery - Kaleidoscope Patterns
Carolyn Startup
Diane Weber - Sew Biz - Designs for large scale prints
Holly Garbutt Designs
Jean Dunn
Joanie Weiser
Karri K Designs - Karri Kuehnel
Anne Wiens - Sweetgrass Creative Designs
Annette Ornelas - Southwind Designs
Barb Sackel - Rose Cottage Quilting
Lisa Walton - Dyed & Gone to Heaven
Lois Fletcher - Peace by Piece Designs
Marjorie Rhine - Quilt Design Northwest
Mary Kay Perry - Mary Kay Perry Designs

Nancy Dill - Nancy Dill Designs

Nancy Restuccia - Make It Easy Sewing & Crafts
Pat Tribbey, Another Pats Patterns
Priscilla Bianchi - Guatemalan Quilt Artist
Sandy Petsche - Maple Hill Quilts
Toby Lischko - Gateway Quilts & Stuff