5 Simple Steps for Selecting Fabric

By Diane McGregor

Castilleja Cotton


About Castilleja Cotton

  • Diane has been quilting for 20 years.
  • Owner of Castilleja Cotton which has been in business since 1991.
  • Designed over 500 quilt patterns.
  • 70% of the quilt patterns are for the novice quilter.


  • Do you have difficulty selecting fabrics for your quilts?
  • Do you get in the quilt shop and then get confused about which fabrics you should select?
  • This will give you the basic skills to select fabrics to produce the most wonderful quilt regardless of the quilt pattern.
  • Selecting fabric is a learned skill.


  Learned Skill


First quilt, 3 fabrics, 1991                                     Recent quilt, 20+ fabrics 2012


watch the video below





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