8 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Quilting Retreat

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Are you considering attending a quilting retreat this Summer? We think you should! Here are eight reasons why…

 8 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Quilting Retreat

1. To Recharge and Relax. Do you need a break from the day to day responsibilities associate with home, family and career? Maybe the idea of “no make-up for a weekend” appeals to you. Quilt retreats are places where you can relax, recharge and escape. Often times retreats offer meals as part of the package price. This means no cooking!

2. To Hang Out with Friends. Imagine being surrounded by your quilting supplies, projects, great food and best friends. “Camaraderie”  among friends old and new is one of the best reasons for attending a quilt retreat. There is sure to be plenty of laughter and inspiration.

3. (Almost) Non-Stop Quilting. Ready to put a serious dent in those “UFOs?” (unfinished objects). A quilting retreat is the perfect place to catch up on your quilting! Although quilt retreats often involve some degree of formal instruction, rest assured there will be ample time to work on your projects.

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Quilters Rule Traveling Ruler Case Pattern

4. Formal Instruction. And speaking of that, many quilt retreats include really good classes often taught by internationally known quilters. It’s the perfect place to learn a new technique and be inspired.

5. Exchanges and Swaps. Retreats often include exchanges such as a “block exchange,” where you create quilt blocks and then exchange them with fellow retreat friends. Finally, the blocks can be sewn together for a memorable souvenir of your time at the retreat. Or, a quilt retreat may include swaps such as fabric swaps which will allow you to purge some of that unwanted fabric stash.

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Quilters love the Camaraderie Retreats Offer

6. Quality Lectures. These are often the most inspirational events at a retreat. Your speaker is usually a well-known quilter who can offer lots of helpful tips and fantastic inspiration.

7. Trying Something New. You love to quilt but you love to try your hand at other things as well. Sometimes retreats will include a craft such as working with mosaics or learning illustration. Many times these new skills can inspire new quilting techniques.

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Quilters Enjoy Creating with Mosaics at a Retreat

8. Beautiful Scenery.  Many times quilters will choose a peaceful, remote setting for their retreats. Being in a beautiful place can lead to relaxation which leads to some very productive quilting.

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Quilting Retreats Hosted by Quiltwoman.com

We asked our Facebook Fans to give us their best tips for preparing for a quilting retreat. This is what some of them said.

Francis- “Bring one project that you have had trouble working on–surrounded by other quilters they will give suggestions on how to remove it from UFO status! (or to give up!)” 

Michelle- “Bring snacks, especially if you are on a special diet, but also for when the kitchen is closed and you need to nurse your chocolate craving. I always take at least 3 projects, usually including one I may not really want to work on just in case I get suddenly inspired. Likewise, I take fabrics, some in case inspiration hits, and some in case I want to exchange with someone. Find out if irons and ironing boards are provided; no sense packing these if you don’t need to. Bring money in case you take an excursion to a local quilt shop and water or a personal water bottle. Do not assume you will want whatever water is available; you might not like the taste.” 

Sonja- “I pre-pack my projects in zip lock bags…along with the matching threads/bobbins etc for that project. And I always bring along a hand stitching project (currently a 1/2 inch hexagon, confetti quilt under construction) …just in case I need a change of pace.”

Have you attended a quilting retreat? What was the best part about it? What do you pack to prepare for a quilting retreat?



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  1. Esperanza Aldrich says:

    Like to know about your next reteat.

  2. Hilda gamble says:

    Please please let me know when and where you next retreats are! I love to attend and seldom hear the dates until oversight!

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