Adjustable Aprons by ReannaLily Designs

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs.  We carry a large number of her patterns, including the Adjustable Apron that she writes about here.  Take it away Jen…..

Adjustable Aprons Pattern RD2-015

Adjustable Aprons Pattern RD2-015

Today I’ve been stitching away on my Adjustable Apron Pattern (RD2-015).  I have the samples from the cover of the pattern, but the fabric isn’t available and isn’t “new”.  Turns out, that is a big deal for market.  I wanted to make the pattern in bright fresh fabrics.

I actually went to the quilt shop this morning only to find some fabulous Joel Dewberry Heirloom laminates.  Now there’s a good idea- Laminates for an Apron. It took about a 1/2 second to decide in which color way I’d like to make the Adult Apron and coordinating Child Size apron.

The apron pattern is drafted onto butcher paper or Pattern Ease and then cut, stitched and trim is added.  It is a super simple pattern.  I really wanted to go crazy with the trim, though.  I doubt “two rows” constitutes crazy, but two rows in hot pink might push me a bit more in that direction.

We’ve got ruffles.  We’ve got rickrack.  We’ve got pom-poms.   All of those trims were purchased in the fabulous SoeMun market in Daegu, South Korea.  Hum, I should dig out a picture of the ribbon shop down at that massive outdoor market and show you where I used to buy trim.  Ah… I loved it there.  (We lived there with the USAF from ’06-’08.)

(Above) Its ribbon hanging from the ceiling, covering the tables and walls and on spools along each table edge.  The only place there was NOT ribbon or trim was the floor.  And this whole “shop” was probably about 20′ x 30′.  It was so overwhelming to walk in and look around and so amazing all at the same time.

And sometimes I’d find good satin and grosgrain ribbons down in the flower district or flower mart areas of town, too. (above)   Tons and tons of ribbons.

Ok, so I kinda got off topic.  What was I talking about?  {{scrolling up}}  Ah yes, the pattern.  The pattern suggests you spice up the apron by adding trim across the bottom edge.  Take matters into your own hands and add as much or as little, as wild or tame type trims as you like.

Here’s how the finished Adult Apron is finished in trim.

On a side note- Before today, I had never worked with laminate fabrics.  I’m happy to report that myself and my walking foot quite enjoy them.  My iron was not impressed and had the afternoon off.

Alrighty, crossing “new aprons” off the market to-do list.

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