Adorable Characters without Applique

Lisa Muilenburg is a stay at home mom that started designing quilts for her mother, so she could make new baby quilts for each of her grandchildren.  She now designs them for you!  She loves to get ideas from friends and family and see what she can make for them.

Lisa’s daughter asked her one day when they were going to make their next “Quilt that Counts”.  Lisa told her that her shop was called Counted Quilts, but she thinks her daughter had it right.  Lisa loves being part of making a gift that really counts.

How to make Counted Quilts

These quilts are a quick and easy way to make an adorable character without using applique.

Only Straight Seams! First, cut the fabric into a given number of strips of varying sizes. Second, cut those strips into the given number of pieces. Third, sew the entire quilt top together, using straight 1/4″ seams, following a large labeled picture map. All of Counted Quilts patterns use a similar method.

1. Cut Strips

2. Cut Pieces

3. Follow Labeled Map





These are Perfect Patterns for Beginning Quilters!  And the perfect patterns for making quilts for boys.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Train Quilt Pattern

Octopus Quilt Pattern

Tractor Quilt Pattern

Visit us at to see the full selection of Counted Quilts Patterns.

Happy Counting!!!

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2 Responses to Adorable Characters without Applique

  1. Elizabeth Simpson says:

    Really love these patterns

  2. Martha tucker says:

    Is the pattern for tractor for sale?? #58?

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