Cascade of Quilts and Cascade of Quilting Essentials


Barb wearing the Quiilter's Tool Belt is very proud to announce the publication of two new books, both by Barb Sackel.  They are Cascade of Quilts and Cascade of Quilting Essentials.

The inspiration for both of these books is the fabric line Shade Cascade by Karen Combs for Blank Quilting.  This fabric gradates from light to dark across the bolt, with each stripe being 11″ wide. It is useful in piecing as well as appliqué. It gives a realistic look to appliqué patterns and is great for creating illusions when piecing quilts.  It also solves the problem of “finding” a light, medium and dark fabric within a color family. It’s all there within one fabric!

Shade Cascades designed by Karen Combs

Shade Cascades designed by Karen Combs in Teal

Cascade of Quilts

Cascade Chain

Cascade Chain

Barb has built upon Karen’s fabric line, with a selection of quilts that build upon these varying values.  My absolute favorite is Cascade Chain, shown on the cover of the quilt.  If you think it’s gorgeous in print, you should see it in person.  My high school daughter has already declared that is the quilt she wants me to make for her when she goes off to college!

Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass

Also in the book are wall art quilts that really make use of the varying shades.  To do this book justice, you really need to see all the quilts featured in the book on the Casade of Quilts product page at

Cascade of Quilting Essentials

Barb has also designed patterns for you to create quilting accessories.  In Cascade of Quilting Essentials, you will find a multitude of projects to make any quilter happy.  It includes a Quilter’s Tool Belt (some of us will be wearing ours at Quilt Market in October), storage bags for your rulers and cutting mat, a fabric bag (to haul your stash), and a Go Green Carry All Bag.

Projects in Cascade of Quilting Essentials

Projects in Cascade of Quilting Essentials

Just imagine what you can create for youself, picking the color pallet of your choosing.

All in all, Barb has done a great job of putting together a number of fantastic projects for a fantastic fabric line.  Both books can be purchased at

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