Color-Trend Watch – Turquoise!

Martini glass and Shaker quilt pattern KAK-101
In a recent press release, Pantone unveiled the color of the year for 2010 – TURQUOISE! Turquoise is somehow soothing and invigorating at the same time. It reminds us of cool sea breezes and brilliant South West skies. The quilting possibilities are endless! Use it to complement reds and browns, contrast with pink and orange hues, or create a soothing palette with blues and greens.

Here are some of the ways our designers incorporated turquoise into their quilts. Of course, all of these patterns are available on the web site.

Aquarium Front

Aquarium Quilt LOB-103

Atlantis Quilt Pattern LW-11

Nova Quilt Pattern – BLM-03
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