Have you found a Quilted Heart yet?

No matter the answer, you should keep on the lookout. Why? Because it’s the newest way to brighten someone’s day.

You may be more familiar with the painted rock project, the concept is similar. Both involve stashing a little trinket, whether it is a painted rock or a quilted heart. The rocks are designed to be photographed and hidden in a new location for someone else to find. The hearts are meant to be kept and cherished.

Each heart has a tag on it reading, “I need a home.” And each one was hand crafted by someone in order to bless others with a simple act of kindness.


Sewing and Sowing

Participation is encouraged, whether through making hearts and hiding them, or by posting images of found hearts. Check out www.ifoundaquiltedheart.com to learn more, including the origin of the project as well as photographs of hearts that have been reported.

Happy Hearting!

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