Fractured Panels – Pillows or Wall Art

This is a very easy way to use small panels that are 6” to 12” square or rectangular. Sometimes you have them leftover from a project or sometimes you just bought them because they caught your eye.

No Pattern Required

You don’t even need a pattern to do this. Just start with scrap paper or scrap fabric and make a plan before cutting up your good fabric.

Here I had two panels and some coordinating fabrics. I cut the background pieces 19” square to allow for a ¼” seam allowance and a little extra space around the pillow f0rm and used an 18” pillow form.

You can put fusible web on the back of these fabrics first or use fusible fabric spray adhesive after they are cut. I cut shapes from scrap paper just to get the size I wanted. Then I used those for templates for my fabric.

Fuse the background shapes on first. Stitch around them with a blank stitch or zigzag as you please. Then cut and fuse the panel pieces on top and sew around them as well. This way they won’t come apart in the wash.

You can stuff your own pillows or use pillow forms.

Use Your Imagination

These would also look great as a set of wall art. They could be stretched on art canvas using spray adhesive – no sewing at all required.

Here we show them using a large print focal fabric.

Use your imagination for shapes and designs!


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  1. Pat H. says:

    I see several new ideas, thank you!

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