Fun Animal Patterns!

Rumpled Quilt Skins

Designer Kathy Barbro is a completely self-taught pattern maker who designs and sews, writes and illustrates all of her patterns.  Kathy first learned how to sew the old-fashioned way, from her mom while living on a farm, making 4-H projects. Later, while attending the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, she got to explore the creative side of things through studying fiber arts. After graduation, her interests in computer graphics created valuable work experience, and allowed her to eventually combine the two by designing her own sewing patterns.

The style of her creations are based on a discovery that she made in art school. She loves to top stitch fabric to a muslin backing and run it through a hot wash and dry cycle to encourage shrinking.  The result is a rumpled texture and the inspiration for the name of my animal patterns: Rumpled Quilt Skins.

Visit us at to see our full selection of Rumpled Quilt Skins patterns.

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  1. Laura says:

    Cute animal

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