Get a Grip(py)!!!

Are your rulers and templates slipping away from you? Or are you tired of walking your hand up your ruler as you cut. Well no longer! Now there is Grippy!

Grippy is made by Odif, the same company that makes the 505 Basting Spray (I love that stuff)!

So, What is Grippy?

Grippy is a non-permanent, non-slip adhesive aerosol that is a little miracle in a can. You can use Grippy on glass, paper, plastic, rulers, wood, and carpet to create a non-slip surface. Things stay in place while still being repositionable.

H0w to use:

Here is how to use Grippy. In a well ventilated area put your ruler (or template, or piece of glass, or rug, or whatever you are wanting to make non-slip) top down on a white sheet of paper to protect the surface you are spraying on. Shake the can well. Spray a thin layer from 8 inches away. You might want to step away until the cloud settles a bit…and because it has a pretty strong odor. In just a couple of minutes the adhesive will be dry, translucent, and ready to use. And don’t worry…you can apply Grippy Non-slip Adhesive Aerosol multiple times to things without staining.. it is acid-free.

The first thing I tried this product on was a very old ruler. I sprayed a thin coating of it on and to my surprise it has lasted for months and works great. My ruler does not slide. It grips the fabric beautifully.

Tip: If you do notice your ruler starting to lose its gripping power, just rinse off the ruler and let it dry. You are now back in business! You can also spray on a new coat if necessary.

Did you spray one too many coats of Grippy on your ruler? Not to worry. You can remove Grippy Non-slip Adhesive with Odif DK5.


Here is the link to Get a Grip…Grippy that is!

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