I hadn’t seen this done before but when I hooked my lighthouse rug pattern onto a linen background, I decided it would look like a dark stormy or dusky sky if I left the background unhooked.

NDD-604 Lighthouse Rug Punching/Rug Hooking Pattern

That left me wondering how I would finish it so that nothing showed through from the back. Here is the method I came up with that worked very well and was very easy to do.

First I laid the rug face down on the cutting mat. Then I cut a piece of fabric that was close to the color of the linen so it would not show through. You could use a darker fabric if you want a darker look or lighter if you wish. I cut this piece about 1” larger than the rug all the way around.

Then I pinned all around and stitched it down with a zigzag stitch.

Next, trim away the excess linen.

Now fold the fabric and linen edges together to the back and clip to hold it there.

Turn it over and make sure none of the linen is rolling around to the front. Adjust as necessary.

Hand stitch in place from the back.

Since the fabric is between the folded over part of the linen and the rug, you won’t see it through the linen that is exposed on the front.

Easy Peasy!


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Lighthouse Rug Punching or Rug Hooking Pattern NDD-604

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