New designer Heather Kidd

Introducing a new designer, please welcome Heather Kidd of Stringtown Lane Quilts.

She is a mother of 3 boys, expecting her 4th child in June. Congrats to her! She lives with her family in a small town in Idaho. They enjoy the outdoors and doing things together as a family.

Heather’s mother, who is a great long arm quilter, taught her daughter to sew and now quilts all of Heather’s projects! Heather loves everything sewing and quilting. Her sister, cousins, aunts and a grandma all sew too. No doubt they all believe as Heather does; you can never have too much fabric! Heather says she has really enjoyed building her stash.

New Patterns:

Heather has provided us with more than a dozen of her designs, including several door/wall hangings and an adorable baby/toddler quilt. Her favorite technique is appliqué, which is why she started designing patterns that went with every month.


We are very happy to include Heather in our quilting community – we have lots more love and inspiration to share, and we’re confident she will be a great addition to our flock!



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