Quilting and Sewing for Pets


They are adorable, patient with us, love us unconditionally and are always there. We love to spoil them by buying and even creating things for them. Does this sound like you? Let’s talk about quilting and sewing for pets.

If you love your pet as much as you love your home, chances are good that you’ve been challenged to find pet accessories, such as dog beds, that work with your decorating scheme. It’s so easy to sew your own pet bed. You can choose your fabric in a style and pattern that matches your décor. You can also choose the appropriate filling and bed size for your pet.

quilting and sewing for pets

Slouchy bag pattern

Our slouchy bag pattern is perfect for storing and toting pet accessories such as plastic bags, treats, toys and leashes. Take Fido for a stroll in style with this comfortable bag.


By taking a few safety precautions, you can even sew a stuffed toy for a dog or a catnip toy for a cat. Small items such as buttons and beads should be avoided as they could pose a choking hazard. You may want to use heavy duty thread and durable fabric that is easily cleaned.

quilting and sewing for pets

Scottie Dog Quilt Pattern

How do you safe guard your sewing space from curious pets? We like Nan Baker’s slide share presentation on sewing room safety tips for those of us with pets. Here, Nan gives lots of tips for safe guarding your pets from hazards such as small or sharp objects, hot irons, moving machines, etc.

So, think about sewing a leash, collar, toy, bed or bag for your adorable pet. If you have made pet projects in the past, we would love to hear about them. Send us a picture or your pet enjoying a project created by you.


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    Thanks for the Quilting and Sewing for Pets – QuiltWoman.com … Entry, resources.quiltwoman.com Webmaster! For our $KEYWORD% lovers we’ve even created $ANCHOR_TEXT% that feature fabulous cats eye gemstones.

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