Show Off Your Family Blog is happy to welcome Claudia Lash of Presto Avenue Designs as our guest blogger today.  Enjoy!

My name is Claudia Lash and I love to design quilts.  My business is named Presto Avenue Designs, and I have over 50 patterns available. I have patterns for pieced quilts, appliqué quilts, kids quilts, and wall quilts.  My best selling patterns at quilt shows are almost always the quilts from ‘The Family Series’.  The Family quilts are all wall quilts, but they are very personal because they hold pictures of my favorite people.

Several years ago I became a grandmother.  It was one of the best things in my life.  A year after the first granddaughter was born, other grand babies came along quickly.  Papaw and I were in heaven.  Soon our children began bringing us pictures of their little ones for our mantel, and in no time the mantel was covered.  We needed more picture space, but I wanted something easy on the wall.  I designed the Family Quilt PAD 119 as a wall quilt which holds photographs. Because the pictures are in fabric frames and not covered by plastic, they are very clear from across the room.  They are actual photographs and are not printed on fabric.  The pictures are easy to change.  You can reach under the photo and pull it out and then easily place a new photo inside the frame.  The quilt will hold twelve 5” x 7” photographs.  There is a top panel and 5 hanging panels which are attached with beads.

The Family Quilt Pattern


A year or so later we had a need for another Family quilt which would hold a larger picture.   Our entire family of 30 or more had a family photograph taken, and this required a larger picture frame, so I designed a new quilt, The Family Too PAD127.  This wall quilt is very much like The Family Quilt but it will accommodate 8” x 10” photos as well as 5” x 7” photos.

The Family Too Quilt Pattern


As these quilts became popular I was asked by some customers for a smaller size family quilt for those people who only wanted to show off a few photos.  The Mini Family Quilt  PAD140 was born.  It will hold up to six 5” x 7” photos.

The Mini Family Quilt Pattern

Any of the Family quilts are a great way to show off your favorite people or pets.  They make a great gift for special occasions such as a wedding or a graduation. Because of the difference in panel sizes and the dimensions of picture frames, each pattern is different.  Yet all three quilts are made in much the same way,  They all have a top panel and hanging panels attached with beads.  They can be made by any advanced beginner quilter.  There is also a tutorial on my website,, with more help if necessary.  All Presto Avenue Designs patterns can be purchased on my website or at

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