Soft and Cozy Keepsakes


Soft and Cozy Keepsakes -Faux Rag Quilting is a new book by Margo Yang.

Margo’s quilting hobby started when she quit her computer career over 25 years ago to become a mother. In 1991, her young family moved into a home, and soon she decided to make a tablecloth for her bare dining table. She chose a nine patch block but didn’t finish it because her blocks turned out uneven. Having no clue of how to fix them, she put those blocks in a closet where they languished until she found them again and finished those blocks into a lap quilt.

She and her sewing friends from church often made baby gifts and rag quilts because rag quilts were warm and fast to finish. After making rag quilts for a couple years, she was weary of always making rag quilts full of squares and rectangles. From there, she wondered, another way to make rag quilts that would still be fast but more varied in design and possibly, use less fabric? After much thought, she came up with what seemed like a fantastic idea. She put it to the test and in 2010, her Faux Rag quilting technique was born. She got published in The Quilt Life magazine in December 2013 and got a book contract from AQS in 2014. Her new book Soft & Cozy Keepsakes: Faux Rag Quilting came out in March of this year.

Soft & Cozy Keepsakes will show you how to make unique rag quilts and craft projects using Faux Rag Quilting technique. All the rag quilts in this book are nothing like you have seen or made before. We all know that rag quilts are fast to make. They are soft, snugly and comfy to have wrapped around you. You will enjoy making them for yourself and friends.

Nancy’s review

“I thought rag quilting was as easy as it gets but designer Margo Yang has made it even easier! This method is so easy and so forgiving that anyone can be a quilter without ever sewing a seam. And talk about fast – this would be great if you need a quick baby gift or a donation. This method also allows you to make any shapes you want with curves and angles being no problem. The quilts in this book will only be a kick start as your imagination will run wild with ideas!”

Soft and Cozy Keepsakes – Faux Rag Quilting is available for purchase at  Book also includes CD-ROM that contains all patterns and templates.


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  1. Silkapparel says:

    Nice designs, specially the last one. With the Giraffes.

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