Stained Glass

​Years ago when I got back into quilting after my kids started school, I attended a large quilt show in Nashville.  I remember being overwhelmed by all the different types of quilting projects and I think I bought every quilting notion on the market. 

One type of quilting that always fascinated me was stained glass applique because I used to make real stained glass before I started my family and worried about working with the lead.  At the time I was still learning and the stained glass quilting instructions intimidated me. Later on when I started my pattern company I started working with a stained glass company who had thousands of patterns that we could easily transform into quilting applique patterns.  I developed my own method of doing the stained glass quilts and wrote up general instructions that could go with many stained glass patterns. 

Recently I was doing some research on Pinterest trends and discovered that real stained glass is having a surge in popularity as a craft which got me thinking there was no reason we couldn’t carry those on our website. So I emailed my contacts at Paned Expressions Studio and they were delighted with the idea. 

“Make it Your Way”

This week we are debuting the first dozen in our series of stained glass patterns AND our first five stained glass “Make it Your Way” needlework patterns which can be used for stained glass applique, regular applique,

Or hand embroidery 

Or rug punching/hooking

You can even trace a design on the glass in a picture frame and use glass paint to create a quick easy inexpensive piece of artwork to match something in your decor. Like this lighthouse that I found on Pinterest.

Find all of the Stained Glass, Stained Glass Quilts, Applique patterns here,

Embroidery patterns here,

and Rug Punching/Hooking patterns here.

Kits are Available for some of the designs!

Enjoy the variety of creative ideas and Make it YOUR way!


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