How I started into this Crazy New Exciting World of Wool Needle Felting!

By Barb Sackel

You all know how much I love quilting, but after 350 quilt, bag, etc patterns I needed to shake things up a bit. So by accident I found Wool Needle felting.

There are many tutorials on regarding 3D sculptures and thanks to Sara Renzulli at Sarafina Fiber Art, I made many.

Phineas and his farm.Donkey, Owl and Pigs from Sarafina Fiber Art.
Halloween Tree guarding his pumpkins! Mouse, Gnome and Pumpkins from Sarafina Fiber Art.
                                                                  Deer from Sarafina Fiber Art                             Bunny inspired by Sarafina Fiber Art

From there I started playing with Wool Needle Felting in 2D format. Took a class from Sarafina Fiber Art for the fox and learned Wet Needle felting for the background. She taught us layout and gave us a picture to follow. This is where I really started blending the fibers.

This was my first 2D piece.

So I started to play. And while I was trying different things, my style of using the felt emerged.

I discovered that while I love 2D what I loved even more was adding texture to the piece. This was my original second piece using lots of different locks and silk. I even gave it a binding looking edge. A few more pieces and my style was born.

I use 1” cut pieces of Roving and do a lot of finger blending to add a huge library of colors. I blend these colors and add lots of texture to my pieces. On my original wool paintings below, the Lion’s mane and the Giraffe’s eyelashes and mane are loose and fluffy.

At this point I knew I wanted to share the techniques I had created. So I invented Wool Painting By Number!

You take the ready to use numbered image in the pattern and just cut out pieces in sequential order and add the wool as I show in full colored pictures. It is that easy.

Plus, for your convenience, I have made 3 Videos to explain the tools needed, how to make the background and making the Mushroom below to show how to manipulate the fiber. These can be found on

My first 4 patterns are ready and I have made kits for all of them, again, for your convenience. I hope you try this new and exciting medium. You are bound to fall in love as I have.

Tools, Wool, Kits and Patterns can be found at



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One Response to How I started into this Crazy New Exciting World of Wool Needle Felting!

  1. Corinne says:

    Wow Barb. What a departure from quilting and what a great job!

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