T-shirt Quilts with a Social Purpose

A lot of unsolicited email shows up in our QuiltWoman.com in-box, as you might imagine.  Hey, that is what happens when your email address is plastered all over your  website!  Usually we ignore these emails.  But we received one that really stood out!

We were asked to take a look at the website for Keepsake Theme Quilts and Wall Hangings.  After poking around, all we can say is “Wow!”

Keepsake is a “non-profit organization designed to strengthen the potential of deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students and adults.”  How do they do that?  The staff, the majority of which is hard of hearing, is in the business of taking customer’s t-shirts and making t-shirt quilts!  The profits from their hard work are then funneled into the deaf community.

What a wonderful idea!  Most of us in the quilting world would find a job such as this a dream job.  The fact that this group can do more than just provide a person with a dream job is outstanding!

If anyone out there decides to utilize Keepsake Theme Quilts and Wall Hangings’ services, we’d love to know how it goes.  We don’t have any experience dealing with them.  It’s how they are giving back to the community that we are applauding!  Way to go!


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