The Spirit of Quilting

The Spirt of Quilting

Triple 4-Patch Zigzag Quilt Pattern offers patterns from over 120 quilt designers!  You have so much to choose from when you are looking for ideas for your next piece that reflects the true Spirit of Quilting.

The Spirit of Quilting

You may be  looking for something traditional…

The Sprit of Quilting

Perhaps something modern…

steppin out

Maybe you want a new door piece for the upcoming Spring season…

kansas sunflower

How about a sewing accessory…?

quilters rule

Every piece you create may not be your lifetime achievement heirloom quilt, but every piece you create embodies and imparts special gifts that reflect the spirit of quilting.

Quilters are well aware of the power quilts embody.  It’s as if every stitch put into the quilt embodies an array of powerful spirits that are imparted into the work.  Love, well wishes, hope, comfort, caring…and the list goes on.  The gift of a quilt is so much more than a cover for the bed!

I have experienced the longevity of the power of these spirits in antique quilts.  Pick up an heirloom quilt made by your ancestor, if you are lucky enough to have one.  You immediately feel the link to that person, your mind connects to a long ago time when the quilter sat and lovingly stitched together the pieces of something that would invisibly transcend time and connect with someone in the future.  It’s amazing!  Even quilts of an unknown maker imparts the spirit of quilting.  I often begin to wonder about the unknown quilter and how the quilt ended up in an auction or in the antique shop.  I think about where it was made, what journey the quilt has taken.

Quilts are magical…perhaps there is a link with the magic carpets we read about in children’s stories. Every stitch you take, every cut you make, you are putting your spirit into the quilt. What a powerful gift we create when we sew a quilt!


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