Wanted: Handmade Items

handmade3psdYou know that handmade item you have that always causes people to say “I want one!” Well, we have a way for you to share it, and get paid for it.

We at QuiltWoman.com are looking for handmade items that could be written into patterns and published into booklets. We especially want recycled crafts; like purses made from old wool sweaters, bottle-cap jewelry, and whatever you can make from old socks and postage stamps.

If you have a craft we might be interested in, send us an email with a photo of the item at info@quiltwoman.com.  Designers will be paid a royalty. And the next time someone says,  “I want one!”, you can let them know how to make it.

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2 Responses to Wanted: Handmade Items

  1. Kim brown says:

    I handmake tissue box covers like no one else can make. Lots of people ask, how do you make that!… I can send you picks.


  2. jamie enders says:

    Are you interested in sock puppets,decorated hand painted recycled chairs, ice skates, gift bags/boxes and perhaps creative jewelry,pin cushions ,wall hangings ,decopodge and cheap make over ideas? I could put together a photograph or two if there is good money in it…Tired of giving it away for free…how can I get more details?

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