Water Lily Surprise

I am still in the first year of owning my new home here in Western NY. Fall was beautiful as the large maple tree in front showed its colors.  Winter gave me a chance for rest and settling in.  Now, as winter turns into spring I am pleasantly surprised to watch the landscape around the house change.  The previous owners must have enjoyed their gardening.

Along with daffodils, allium, peony, and many other perennials I haven’t identified ….. I’m almost positive there are some weeds that have tricked me into thinking that they are not.  That should sort itself out by the end of the season. 

One of my unidentified plants….thought it was dead.

One of my biggest surprises was in the small pond.  I recently embarked on the task of spring cleaning much to the disappointment of the pair of ducks and frogs that were enjoying the muck filled water.   


The water is now clean and the water lilies are moved into place along with a small fountain. 

Anyone with a pond or pool knows what comes next. Maintenance. The daily struggle of leaves, pollen, cottonwood, etc. falling into the pond/pool that needs to be scooped out to keep it clean. 

My wandering into the yard to do this task was rewarded yesterday though with three beautiful water lilies that seemed to have bloomed overnight.  I hadn’t even noticed the buds while cleaning and moving the pots about. 

They are so pretty.  Can’t wait to see what comes up next!


Here are three patterns that we have on the QuiltWoman.com website that feature the Water Lily.

July Water Lily (MGD-708) 24” x 48” Pieced and Applique pattern. This pattern is part of a Botanical Series that was created by Reeze Hanson of Morning Glory Designs. Click Here to view our full selection of MGD patterns.

Tranquility (CQA-102) Wall Hanging 18″ x 33″. Three paper pieced blocks and simple machine applique are combined to create this striking home accent quilt. Designed by Cathy Thomas of Little House Quilts. Click Here to view our full selection of CQA patterns.

and Water Lilies and Dragonflies CJC-55141.  Lap/Throw panel pattern that features the fabric line Water Dance by Timeless Treasures. This is a new pattern by Diane McGregor of Castilleja Cotton. Click Here to view our full selection of CJC patterns.

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