Why We Love Aprons

apron 1

Mom and Me Aprons Pattern

I continue to be inspired by all the cute, fun apron patterns I am seeing everywhere. I mean, there is an entire magazine devoted to creating aprons. Apronology, by Stampington and Company, contains instructions for creating dozens of artful aprons. From the very simple to the ornate, apron patterns are everywhere. So, I started to think, what is it that we love so much about aprons? Well what’s not to love? Here is why we love aprons.

Why We Love Aprons

  1. They are simple and quick to make. Sometimes I suffer from commitment issues when I choose to take on a new sewing project. I find that apron patterns satisfy my need to sew something quickly and easily. Almost any beginner can breeze through an apron pattern. If you are a beginner level sewer an apron pattern is a perfect place to start. For the more advanced, there are more complex patterns to chose from. How about mixing sewing with other techniques to personalize a pattern to fit your tastes. Stamped images, fabric paints, beading techniques, embroidery and more can be added to any design created from a pattern.  Patterns like the Mom and Me Pattern can be easily customized. Choose fabrics in solids and add hand painted elements to the panels. Include your little one in on the fun!
retro clothespin apron

Retro Clothespin Apron Pattern

2. Aprons conjure up feelings of nostalgia. We remember the aprons worn by our Moms with warm thoughts. Some of us even have the aprons worn by our elder family members. Aprons are vintage and retro. We love Dawn M. Stewart’s Retro Clothespin Apron Pattern. She even included a full, step-by-step tutorial for constructing the apron.

to the point apron pattern

To the Point Apron Pattern

3. Aprons are as practical as they are adorable. This is one of the main reasons why we love aprons. Aprons make it easy to protect clothes from spills created by cooking and creating. Mother’s are young kids know that aprons can also protect them from the little messes of everyday motherhood. One of my friends recently got in the habit of wearing an apron everyday. She puts automatically puts in on after she dresses for the day. Now, her wardrobe is saved from paint spills and cooking grease! And she looks cute all the time.

4. Put on an apron and automatically feel creative, productive and domestic. Aprons tap into our creative spirit. I met one of my good friends at a trade show for craft professionals. She stood out because she wore an apron for the entire show.

adjustable aprons pattern

Adjustable Aprons P:attern

5. There is no shortage of adorable patterns when it comes to aprons. We love aprons because of the vast array of inspiring patterns. From the simple to the artful, it will be easy to find something that appeals to your taste.

Why do you like aprons?


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