Winter Beauties Wall Hanging

I was wandering through our local quilt store and came across the group of regulars who utilize the store’s classroom every Friday morning. They are a friendly bunch and always seems to have a lot of fun working on their various projects. I happened upon a woman who was making wall hangings from our Winter Beauties wall hanging pattern by Martha Eddy. She had not one wall hanging under construction, but eight!!!

I was stunned by her color choices.  They were phenomenal!  With her permission, I took pictures of her works in progress.  I was so excited, I forgot to get her name.  But thank you nice lady! (12-21-09…I did some sleuthing and got the name of our mystery quilter.  It was Brenda M.  Thanks Brenda!)

Here’s Winter Beauties as it appears on our website.

And here are the variations this very imaginative lady had.  Click on an image to see it larger.

I absolutely love the last one.  It reminds me of the Northern Lights.  I’m hoping this nice lady gets all these finished by Christmas, I suspect she will.

I’m feeling inspired.  I’m going to go dig around in my stash and see what color combinations I can come up with for this pattern.  Christmas is only 5 days away…if I neglect the family, the baking, the wrapping, etc., I can probably put a couple together.  I’m locking the door to my sewing room so NO ONE can get in!

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