Lancaster AQS Show

Welcome to AQS Lancaster

Welcome to AQS Lancaster

A few wonderful people connected to attended the first annual Lancaster American Quilt Society show.  We are fortunate to be able to share their some of their experience with you:

From Ann Dudek:

“The city of Lancaster was so proud and enthusiastic to host this quilt show.  It was amazing; you could feel their pride from the first moment.  They did a great job with an event this large in their new convention center.  There were so many quilts and all were displayed so that you could get a great picture.  In fact, there was a whole row of quilts right across from the vendors.  Ah- the vendors.  So much fabric, sewing machines, longarm’ers, cut fabric pieces ::  so little time.  One really cool thing about this show was that there was seating around the whole perimeter of the convention center so when we got tired, we didn’t have to leave, we could just recharge instead.”

Speaking of Ann Dudek, have you seen her fun new book called The Scrapbook Calendar Quilt?  It is published and distributed by  Plan to see her schoolhouse in International Quilt Market, Spring 2010 in Minneapolis.

And from Linda J. Hahn: designer/author of the Insider’s Guide to Quilting Careers and quilting teacher, participated in the AQS show as a faculty member.

“I had the opportunity to work with some really great people. Each person working at the AQS show had a “real” job with AQS at their headquarters. It was fun to meet new friends and discover what they “do”. I had several students from Canada, as well as all around the East Coast and Mid West. I think they did a great job – especially with it being their first time at this venue.”

Yes, this impressive show had vendors, classes and a wonderful array of quilts on display.

And from Allan Hahn:

“The show in general was really nice. The AQS staff was very nice and very accommodating and personable. The Hotel and Conference Center was also very nice. I understand it was their first year in Lancaster. They had many vendors and of course, a lot of outstanding quilts. If you didn’t make it, it is worth the trip next year. I also need to add there was also a place for the husbands, “The Men’s Den”. I can’t discuss that with you quilters, it’s only for the husbands.

And from Helle-May Cheney:

“I will say that this was the first large convention in Lancaster’s brand spanking new convention center and Lancaster went all out to make the quilters feel welcome!  Everyone was more than friendly and helpful.  Even the police crossing guards knew where to tell me to go when my class was located in another building.  Every storefront had a quilt hanging in it and the welcome mat was out everywhere including the Central Farmer’s Market where I had a delicious and very inexpensive lunch on Friday.   I also took a tour of the Lancaster Quilt Museum which is housed in a beautifully restored grand old bank building and had a beautiful collection of Amish and Mennonite quilts as well as a really neat trip in time with a display of  living rooms decorated for Christmas from the last 10 decades.  Lancaster claims to have been the first place in America where a Christmas tree was decorated.”

Speaking of Helle-May Cheney, she attended the show, in part, to see her lovely Driftwood quilt displayed.  As we blogged earlier, one’s own designers had a quilt hanging in the First Annual Lancaster AQS show.  The quilt is made and designed by Helle-May and is titled Driftwood.  From what we hear, the show was amazing and wonderfully organized.   And word on the street is that as a result of the exposure in the AQS show, Helle-May Cheney was personally asked to design a quilt for a major quilting magazine.   Stay tuned for its exact publication month; we cannot wait to tell you more about it.  Congrats Helle-May!!

Driftwood quilt and designer Helle-May

Driftwood quilt and designer Helle-May

This pattern can be yours by ordering it directly from or asking your local quilt shop to stock this pattern.  If you love this one, you can see more of Helle-May Designs for on our site, too.

It was an amazing show and you can view all the winners and learn more about the show directly, at the American Quilt Society website.

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