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Many quilt designers and shops use Electric Quilt software to aid in their design process.  If you’ve been on the fence about the function and amazing practicality of the program, listen to what one of QuiltWoman.com’s own designers has to say about the product and how it helped her with the designs in her new book:
From Lacey Hill of Golden Thyme Designs Blog:

I’m such a Techy Gadget Girl and EQ6 has become my passion!

EQ Button

EQ Button

If there is a product on the market that will save me time, I’ll track it down and the new version of EQ was on the top of my list for 2009.

When I first started working with EQ4, it seemed larger than me.  Then came along EQ5 and now EQ6 and everything has fallen into place!  Love the applique feature! It would be such fun to be a fly on the wall in their think tank sessions to hear what’s coming next…

All of my current quilt designs begin in EQ6.  I love the import feature for fabrics and the sort feature helps keep me organized.  I’ve been very fortunate to have a supportive publisher, Nancy Dill – www.QuiltWoman.com and a wonderful friend Michele Scott, who introduced me to one of my favorite fabric designers, Ro Gregg with Northcott Silk.

Ro offered to send me a few images of her fabrics to see what I could come up with.  I was able to import them into EQ6 and Viola…the floodgates opened!  I was hooked and the world was my oyster, so to speak.  Patti Carey from Northcott was kind enough to share a couple tips with me [I hate to read the manual] and now I almost exclusively design in EQ6.  I love the fact that I can re-color a quilt quickly with a few clicks of a button.

Below is the Cottage Rose Quilt from Ro’s and my new collection of books – Easy Sew with Lacey & Ro featuring Ro’s Leading Ladies & Supporting Cast Fabric Collection from Northcott Silk and then the re-color using Ro’s Cotillion Fancy Fabric Collection

Cottage Rose Quilt in Easy Sew

Cottage Rose Quilt in Easy Sew with Lacey & Ro

Cottage Rose, Easy Sew with Lacey & Ro in Cotillion Fancy

Just a few clicks of the fabric brush and WOW!  I just love Ro’s sense of proportion with the large-scale fabrics and she includes wonderful border prints in many of her collections.  The Bouquet & 4Patch fabric in the Leading Ladies & Supporting Cast Collection gives the illusion of piecing but it’s really just a continuous length of fabric.

Here’s the Garden Maize Tulip quilt from our second book 2 Easy to Sew with Lacey & Ro in the Leading Ladies & Supporting Cast Collection and again re-colored in the Cotillion Fancy Collection

Garden Maize

Garden Maize Tulip, 2 Easy to Sew by Lacey & Ro - pieced by Elaine Polakoff

Thank you to the wonderful staff of EQ,  especially Sara Seuberling from Tech Support [She’s a wiz!!], Sarah Shriver from Marketing who made me a wonderful little button to place on my patterns and of course one of their fearless leaders, VP Penny McMorris, for being so gracious and encouraging!

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