The Gnomes Are Here

You asked for it….You got it!
The Gnomes are marching in! announces new product lines.

We are proud to announce we will now be carrying
Embroidery Punch Needle and Embroidery patterns combined!

Along with

48 colors of Barb’s Hand Dyed Variegated Fingering Merino Yarn

Click Here to Browse Our Selection of Yarns

Well you get the idea…there are just too many colors to show!

All can be found on

You will find individual or bundles to choose from as well.

Collect them all for all the Embroidery Patterns that will be featuring!

Did I mention these yarns are also great for Crochet??

Can you imagine snowflake ornaments for your Christmas Tree with White Sparkle or Snow Sparkle?

Now on with the show…….

8, count them…8 Gnomes come marching!!

Petunia Pete BS4-101

Mushroom Murphy BS4-102

Papa Perry BS2-104

Posie Paul BS4-105

Sleeping Sam BS4-106

Tangle Tony BS4-107

Cactus Cliff BS4-108

The Gnome family is playful and full of mischief. With Embroidery Punch Needle they can bring their playfulness into your home. With Hand Embroidery you can embellish clothing, towels or anything else you want the little guys on.

All Patterns contain full instructions for both Embroidery Punch Needle and Hand Embroidery. The colors needed are on the pattern. They are all done in Barb’s Hand Dyed Variegated Merino Yarn. The colors are easily found in DMC as the name depicts the color, such as Fire Engine Red.

If you are just starting out in Embroidery Punch Needle no need to worry, carries many of the supplies.

6″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop: Simple design and perfect for displaying your Gnomes.

Click Here to Purchase a 6″ Hoop

        Weavers Cloth, but you can request your pattern to be already drawn on the cloth!

Morgan Hoop: This hoop has a tongue and groove to hold the fabric tight.

Punch Needle: We use the UltraPunch and we put a pencil grip on for added comfort.

Click Here to Purchase

Kits are available for All Gnome Patterns!

Purchase All Of the Gnome Patterns Here!

Many more Embroidery Punch Needle Patterns to follow.

Click Here to see the full line of BS4 Patterns

Visit us at

**This blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, QW will get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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One Response to The Gnomes Are Here

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Is there a pattern for the gnomes nestled in the fiber at the top of the page.

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