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Hi, I am Charisma Horton over at Charisma’s Corner. I am a new pattern designer; however, I have been in the quilting business for the last 10 years as a longarm quilter. I own three longarms and I have been quilting for people all over the world. I love that I get to work from home. I was able to raise 6 children while quilting and to be there for all of them was a HUGE blessing. Now that 5 of them are on their own, I have more time to dedicate to this new adventure of pattern designing.

One night last summer I decided to submit a design to a magazine on a whim and it was accepted the next day. I was over the moon excited. I felt like that was a sign that I needed to start this business and keep going. So far, I have been picked up in 7+ publications. So, I started my business.

Due to the fact that I have several quilts come across my frames, I see many quilts from all styles, materials and techniques. I love all of them. I feel privileged that so many people trust me and I love each and every one. Because of what I see, I am inspired and that diversity is reflected my own design work.

I have modern, traditional, wool applique, Christian and embroidery designs in my shop. I like to mix mediums and styles. Most of my wool embroidery designs are brighter colors with a mix of embroidery stitches. You will see in most of my works that I tend to mix many designs whether it’s fabric choices, quilting designs, or embroidery stitches. One overall stitch or design doesn’t seem to hold my interest. I tease that I have no attention span so I have to shake things up!

Lately, I have finished this great monthly mini series called, A Gnomie Year.  I created 12 gnomes, one for each month using wool applique on cotton backgrounds. They are mini quilts that measure 29×31. These guys are so fun and a great way to reflect the changes in the seasons. They are sure to bring a smile!

Charisma Horton’s patterns are now available on QuiltWoman.com.

Visit our website today to see our full selection of patterns.

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