Quick Tree Skirt Pattern by Julia Deal

Despite the initial geometry used in development, the Modern Spiral Tree Skirt (SEW-104) was the most fun of any pattern I’ve written, and it came together in record time thanks to the mathematical assistance of my college age son. We collaborated on the trigonometry via text during his freshman year at RIT.

I was determined to design a wedged tree skirt that tessellated easily into a circle, yet didn’t waste lots of fabric. I also was hoping to utilize fat quarters since I had a stack of Christmas holiday fat quarters on hand.

For about a week my son and I texted back-and-forth. I would send the trigonometry question, and my son using his graphing calculator to calculate the answer. I was so excited when we finally got the geometry correct and the first tree skirt was sewn together successfully.

I am glad that he didn’t tell me until after it was all done: 

“Mom, you know there’s an app for that you could put on your phone! “. 

My response was “Yes; but having you help me was so much more fun!”

The tree skirt top is created from three fat quarters – with a few tiny slivers as the only waste. Additional fabric is needed for the backing & binding. Optional sashing can be used to increase the skirt size by a few inches. For ambitious quilters, there is also a two-sided version, with the wedges spiraling in opposite directions on each side.  And for my serger friends, there is a version you can make entirely on the serger, even the Decorative Thread binding!

Happy holiday Sewing from Julia at SEW Artistic

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2 Responses to Quick Tree Skirt Pattern by Julia Deal

  1. Laurel says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for as a tree skirt pattern (didn’t have a clue what I wanted other than letting the fabric take center stage and not the piecing). Thank you!

  2. Deb says:

    That is a beautiful and clever tree skirt!!

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